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Appointment with the Endourologist, but I have Concerns

As you guys may know, I made a post about my Test levels being at 395 at almost 28 years old. I’m making this new forum as to not overload the other one. Anyway, the thing that concerns me is, I looked up the organization that this doctor represents and they give biweekly shots. I read about how weekly shots are better. Another thing I’m concerned about is, I have to take a bus to get to his office. What if say, I can’t take the bus a certain day then what? What are the odds that they’ll let me self inject at home? Also, what can I expect them to try and get my levels up to? I was hoping they’ll try and get my levels at 800, or 900 considering how much it’ll drop in two weeks. I don’t want to drop below 600.

At 28 you should be finding out if you are primary or secondary hypogonadism, not worrying about pinning at this point. If you are secondary, many people can control their condition with a SERM and possibly an AI.

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AI? Also, aren’t all serms illegal? I keep hearing about the FDA banning the.

Nope. Clomid and Nolvadex are the popular ones, and they aren’t even scheduled.

Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). Prevents conversion from T to E2.

Another thing to consider though, is I’m a college student, so I hope it won’t cost me like $300 a mouth, because I wouldn’t be able to afford it. How much could I expect them to raise my test level, or is that something you can’t really tell until you take it? I get medicare and medicaid, so I hope insurance covers any of this.

Clomid is cheeeeap! I got spanked and paid 70$ for a 6 month supply at walgreens. Apparently costco is MUCH cheaper, would have been under 20$. I don’t even think you need a membership to go to the costco pharmacy. My AI was under 20$ for 6 months. I pay for the drugs out of pocket, nothing is covered, but it’s cheap.

IIRC, Test is scheduled, clomid is not. Clomid is a female fertility drug, we use it off-label. Doubt it’s going away without replacement or you are going to see crying moms on TV.

Anxiety can be a side effect of low T. :wink:

How much has it increased your test level? I’m hoping so hard to get in the 600-700 range. Also, I live with my grandmom and it’s VERY stressful on top of having an anxiety disorder(maybe caused by low test Idk). My primary care doctor didn’t check my cortisol levels and when I asked her to she told me, “Well, we don’t usually check for that.” They didn’t even check my estradiol levels. So, I’m expecting the urologist to give me another test.

Also, it’s important to point out, I have gyno. It’s not much, but it’s there. that’s the reason I had blood work done in the first place. I have had puffy nipples for years, ever since puberty.

Yes, you sound wrought with anxiety. Getting my levels did help that, though I don’t have it as bad as you.

My level went from <200 to 575 in 4 weeks on 12.5mg of clomid. I may raise my dose once I get my E2 issues sorted. I detailed my experience in my thread:

Do you take it daily? I heard some people said you only need to take it every 2-3 days. Also, do you have to ask the pharmacist to give you the pills, or are they just on the shelves? Do they give you any sh*t when you ask for the pills?

I take it daily because I run on autopilot 90% of the time. My brain can’t handle EOD, etc. Clomid has a long half life, so you can take it periodically. I’m also trying to avoid peaks and valleys.

You have to get it from the pharmacist. They may look at you funny because it’s labeled for female fertility use. Just nod, smile, say it’s off label for hypogonadism. They won’t ask any more questions.

Thank you, I appreciate all your help. Do you just take Clomid, or do you also take something else? I just read a report of a guy taking Clomid 25mg and it made his test level go from 150 to 832, but they put him on Anastrazole because his estrogen still came back high.

Clomid 12.5 daily and .5mg arimidex weekly in divided doses.

My estrogen went from 20 to 30 and apparently, E2 of 30 makes me want to claw my nipples off they itch so much.

Is Arimidex over the counter and cheap also?

None of this is over the counter. But if you find the right pharmacy, it can be very cheap.

I meant, as in you don’t need a prescription.

You need a prescription for ALL of it. Arimidex is a female cancer drug. You aren’t going to find that with the Sudafed for your sniffles.

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How easy was it for you to get a prescription? I think I saw some urologist have a range with 300 being at the bottom. I don’t know if that helps me with test at 395. I’m just really worried I’ll have to goto multiple doctors before I get help. The Urologist I’m seeing specializes in hormone replacement though.

Well, my level was <200. So my doc was concerned and really wanted me on the clomid. I was concerned about my impending gyno and it wasn’t hard to get a script for arimidex.

If you doc only cares about the numbers, you are hosed. If they don’t mind treating the symptoms, then you should be fine. You may have to see a few doctors before you find one that is comfortable treating symptoms.

Or you might find out that low T isn’t your problem and that there’s something else. I walked into the Drs office convinced my problems were because of pollen allergies. He suspected otherwise and was right.

You do seem to have serious anxiety. That could be caused by low T, OR it could be causing your lowish T.

Last question. How does OTC products, such as arimistane compare to Clomid?