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Appointment with Dr. O and Han


I just went this past friday for my first appointment with Dr. O and Han. I must say I was really impressed with their knowledge of hrt and related problems and their ability to listen to the patients concerns and opinion. I am really looking forward to working with them and getting alot of my problems taken care of or managed properly.

I will keep you all posted on my progress with them, for the first time I see light at the end of the tunnel!!
I would definetely recommend if you are not having any luck with your local endo or doc to make the trip to see Dr. O and Han it will be well worth it.


Don't sell your chickens before they hatch.


Second that. I saw Han today. He's a walking medical encyclopedia and it is very freaky about how much he knows. He could talk circles around any endocrinologist that I know of. I know KSMan and some others here are knowledgeable as well. But I got to meet Hans in person and he spotted a few things right off the bat that my doctors overlooked. Will be updating my other thread with results. Fingers crossed. And I think what KSMan means is that you need to keep doing your own homework as well.


Yes, always keep educating yourself. I'm one of his clients and I agree he is very knowledgeable. Just remember its your body your health no matter who the Dr. Is if there's something you think isn't working or isn't best for you demand something different. The same thing doesn't work for everyone. They are more open minded than any other specialist I've ever met and after a few tweaks in my protocol I think we'll be on track. Good luck.


As medical professionals we do not know everything, but we try our best. If a person brings us sound medical information on a new idea we are not afraid to give it a shot. As long as it has medical justification then there really is not an issue. Medical professionals are always constantly learning and need to keep an open mind when listening to what patients are saying. Alot of Dr's have blinders with mentality "you are the patient i'm the dr" attitude. Kind of reminds me of planet fitness commercial. A parody would be "Dr I read up on TRT and was wondering if we can add HCG" Dr response "You are the patient, I am the dr" LOL ..I have an awesome idea for a cartoon that would be hysterical.