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Applying War Room Strategies


I am helping a friend drop some fat and thought that CTs war room strategies would work great. I am also planning a cut in a couple months so this would be a good way to see how effective it can be. I want to make sure I have everything straight.

He's 5'6,176 lbs,12-15% BF.

Carb up every 7-10 days: 175-200g

Total Calories:2000-2250

Tues: Off
Wed:Circuit/30-45 min walk
Fri:Circuit/30-45 min walk
Sat: Off

Is this a good lpace to start any changes recommended?


is he gonna be able to go 60g of carbs for a week straight?


Just following the refined physique guidelines.


I would NOT add the esw just yet. Stick with:

Day 1: Heavy Chest/Back OR PUSH
Day 2: Circuit work
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Heavy Legs/Shoulders
Day 5: Circuit work
Day 6: Heavy Arms
Day 7: Rest

THEN add esw if and when you stagnate. Also IF you must follow low carbs, the best advice I can give you is to ensure that your protein intake is <50% of your total caloric intake or you will not burn fat for fuel as well...from personal experience.

CT more recentrecommendations for fat loss was to protien to about 1.25-1.75g/lb, fats to about 80-100g and carbs to about 100-150g placed before the workout.


So, remove all cardio until it is needed? Other than that is there a reason you changed the weekly lifting set up?


Na, I meant to write Chest/Back OR Push and instead of Legs, Pull.......something to that effect, as long as you have some HEAVY lifting work for all body parts once per week.
Yes, do no add cardio until needed!