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Applying H/L/M Programming to Other Lifts

You know those standard volume mondays, light wednesdays and medium fridays for squatting and stuff? Is this doable on other lifts as well? What exactly does the rest of these work outs contain outside of the squat H/L/M/?

Yes it is and usually not much extra. A fairly standard set up for the push press might be:

Monday (Heavy)

Push Press, sets of 5 working to a max set of 5.
Seated Press from Pins in Power Rack. 4 sets of 5, working up to a tough set.
JM Press. 5 or so sets of 6-10.

Wednesday (Light)

Strict Press. 5x5, with 65% of max
Dumbell Press. 4-6 sets of 6-10. work up to a moderately hard set.
Dumbell Tricep Extension. 4-5 sets of 8-12.

Friday (Medium)

Press. 5x5, with 75% of max.
Skull Crushers. What ever.

This was outright stolen from another board, posted as someone’s training for strongman overhead events. I would not recommend this to someone who’s main goals were bodybuilding as there are definitely better and faster ways of going about it. For improving the press though, this should work great.

Another good idea I’ve heard for the overhead is to run the “Russian squat” program but to use it for your press. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for other big movements.

Finally (and hopefully this seems obvious), you don’t want to be doing this using kurls or any other isolation exercise as your main movements. This style of training lends itself to big compound movements with a few isolation exercises and partials, done with less intensity, as accessory work.