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Applying for SF from non-combat arms branch

I’m currently serving as a 2lt in an infantry unit in the national guard while completing my bachelors degree. I recently got my results from my accessions, and the army has decided to make me an ordnance officer on active duty, with no branch detail (3rd choice). My desire is to continue to do infantry, but barring that, what are my chances of being accepted to the SFAS as an ordnance officer? Should i fight to get infantry?

I would.

You’ve got until January 14 or so to put in a DA4187 to request a change. get with your PMS - he’s going to have to back it to the hilt anyway if you want it to go through. If you get stuck OD, then the only way you’ll get SFAS slot is to be a superstud - 300 PT and glowing OERs (i.e. “walks on water without getting feet wet”).