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Application of Neuro Type Workout Principles

Hi CT!

I have been devouring your writings on neuro type training and know I am Type 1, as every single word describes me and the exercises and training methods are my favorites (from my intermittent experiences lifting over the years).

But this is the situation I am facing now: am untrained and can only train 3 days a week. Need a beginner program, and I know that THE answer of the community - and a good one - is a 5x5 ala Bill Starr, Reg, SL, etc.

But after reading about this method, I got reallllly excited to try it. Never have more motivated, really. Is is even possible to apply the principles to a 3 day a week total body workout for a 36 year old beginner who just wants that Greek god look, or is that the dumbest thing youve ever heard and I need to shut up, grind a 5x5, and drink milk :slight_smile: Or do you have a different suggestion?

Thank you, sir. Love your work.

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Wanted to add one thing: Health and athleticism are goals, too, absolutely. And I can perform the major lifts with good form (I have trained in spurts with coaching over the years, but it has been a loooong time and I feel like a beginner.) Thanks for your time.

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You need to find out first if you are a Type 1A or Type 1B

Are you naturally explosive? (yes is more Type 1B, no is more Type 1A)

Do you have good short term memory (are you good at remembering names, phone numbers, etc.) … yes is more Type 1B, no is more Type 1A

Did you (or do you) get into fights (yes would be more type 1A, no would be more Type 1B)

Are you very vocal and try to take control of conversations (yes would be more type 1A, no would be more type 1B).

Etc. When I assess someone I talk with them for an hour and have them fill out a questionnaire. Just judging from reading an article is not that accurate

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Thanks for the reply! Based on these questions, I definitely identify and resonate with 1B.

But I also get your point that even this is difficult to accurately judge by.

I guess I should just do a 5x5 and read keep reading about this neuro type training - until I can properly follow your examples? That is, until you come out with your new article, “3 Day a Week Full Body Training for Beginner 1Bs.” Hahaha :slight_smile:

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Isn’t Westside basically made for type 1As? Or a conjugate style Olympic lifting program?

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Westide is best for type 1B and 2A. So Westside would be good for him IF he were not a beginner. As a beginner Westside for Skinny Bastard by DeFranco would be a better option

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No, it’s too repetitive for a 1B

1B needs heavy AND explosive word and they need to change exercises very often and have more exercises of less sets in their daily program

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So you think Westside for Skinny Bastards would be good to start out with, even though strength is a secondary goal? Any others fit the bill? And THANK YOU for all this knowledge!!! I’ll log my progress and report back.

Edit: I’m looking at it now, and it looks fuuuuuun to me. I think you might know what youre talking about! Haha :slight_smile:

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Well 5x5 is also a strength program

And I believe in training for your neurotype even if body comp is the goal

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