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Apples and Peanut Butter


Is this healthy?

I eat a apple or two with PB througout the day...


Why wouldn't it be


Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Its a f***** apple and some PB, they don't make agent orange when you combine them.....

Longer answer: Depends. Is the apple organic, picked by free trade workers and shipped on a truck using bio diesel? Same with the PB?


Don't you know fruit makes you fat? Silly Noob.

But in all seriousness try apple slices(Gala or Braeburn) with Colby/Jack cheese.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


are you trying to gain weight? Loose? What are your protein sources?

Apples are good.
PB is also fine, though a very calorie dense food, which can be a problem if you are trying to create a caloric deficit.

If you are eating this instead of other meals, you will have a problem getting enough protein.


How do you feel after eating it? How do you feel several days after eating it? (if you're able to discern)... I gave up PB for about 4 wks, reintroduced it and had a stomach ache later in the day while eating my normal fare. I did it again a 2nd day, but it did not occur.

I mainly stick to cashew butter now.


Unless you got the apples on Halloween from the cranky old man down the street and the peanut butter from a dollar store with health code violations, yes, it's a healthy snack.


should probably ask TheBird


I am addicted to it as well


I just had to say i lol'd.


Don't ask if it's unhealthy unless you are using peanut butter for this...


lolomg facko r u getting carbs from poptarts??????????????


lol...sometimes. It's difficult to eat >500g of carbs all from potatoes..


Those are clearly imitation brand poptarts, frosted toaster treats, or whatever they're called.


no..they are just limited edition poptarts. They are the confetti cake variety.