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Apples and Blood Sugar

For the past year I have been eating a small apple or two (2) about 1 1/2 hours before my workout at 5:00 pm to raise my blood sugar and give me energy. It seems to work, but I’m wondering if I am really fooling myself. By that I mean, is 1 1/2 hours enough time for the carbs/sugars in the apple to reach the blood stream and give the energy I desire? Or is this the placebo effect at work? Thanks.

I always figured that simples sugars before a workout would give me a pretty bad drop-off and I’d end up lethargic. Usually, I’ll mix in a couple scoops of whey with some oatmeal about an hour before I plan on heading to the gym. No Insulin spike, and I don’t feel all hungry while I’m liftin’.

Works for me, except I eat about 1 hour before warmup. Apples are one of the lowest glycemic fruits out there.

Fructose doesn’t provide muscular glycogen, it only serves to replenish liver glycogen. Just take dextrose right before the workout.