Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

I find this hilarious:

Ric Flair’s son faces charge after incident at own match

Opponent supposedly taunted pro wrestler’s son following contest

The teenage son of wrestling legend Ric Flair faces a court date next month on a charge of simple assault, stemming from a confrontation on a wrestling mat in which his mother said he was defending his father’s reputation.

The misdemeanor charge stems from a heated February wrestling match at the N.C. 4A Western Regional in Alexander County between Colby Harden and Reid Fliehr, both 17 and competing in the 189-pound weight class.

Usually, high school wrestling serves as the buttoned-down cousin to the theatrical world of professional wrestling where Flair made his name. But the teens’ match contained a comparable level of drama.

A victorious Colby had performed the signature Ric Flair strut. Reid tackled Colby and crowds swarmed the mat.

The incident already led to $1,000 fines against each of their high schools, South Mecklenburg and Providence.

Reid was kicked out of the rest of the tournament. The Harden family filed the criminal charge against the teen after the match.

The two families discussed the case with the Observer on Thursday, each side explaining their version of the tense match:

Early in the face-off, Reid blew a kiss to Colby’s South Mecklenburg coach when the man told the teen to tighten his head gear so the match could move on, said Vance Harden, Colby’s father.

Colby had taunted Reid, then mouthed off at the referee, saying “Whatever,” when reprimanded, said Beth Fliehr, Reid’s mom.

Their match went into overtime. Reid’s mom said the crowd yelled for Reid. Colby’s dad said the crowd yelled for Colby.

Colby executed a “roll” move, earning one point to win.

To celebrate, he did the famous shuffle. Reid knocked Colby down. Colby’s father said his son was briefly knocked unconscious, but was able to compete in a later match.

Beth Fliehr said opponents have constantly hounded her son about his dad’s fame, but February marked his first fight in a wrestling match since he started the sport around age 4.

Once, when Reid was 6 or 7 years old, she said, he was competing in Fayetteville when the adults all crowded around to watch, beating the floor chanting “Beat Reid. Beat Reid.”

“That’s to show you what he’s gone through,” she said. “Everybody wants to beat him because of who his father is.”

Still, she doesn’t really approve of violence unless it’s to protect oneself. She said she told her son that he should have ignored the taunt and walked away. "He said `I’m going to always stand up for my dad,’ " she said.

However, Beth Fliehr said she was surprised by the criminal charge and thinks the Hardens are just after money.

Vance Harden said he hasn’t decided whether to pursue civil action, and hopes the criminal charge can teach Reid a lesson.

“Colby didn’t have the right to do the shuffle. That was very un-sportsmanlike,” he said. “That was Colby’s way. It wasn’t to hurt Reid. It wasn’t to hurt Ric.”

Reid is scheduled to appear in court on May 23. The two teens also may face each other next fall on the football field. And then there’s wrestling season, when they’ll likely meet one-on-one.

Vance Harden said he’s worried. “It’s a concern,” he said. “I won’t tell you wrong, Colby is a hothead.”

Beth Fliehr said she expects it to be a sold-out match.

“I"ll always stand up for my dad”

I want to have a kid like that.

My son has wrestled and has beaten Reid. To tell you the truth, Reid is a little prick and would have probally attacked him even if he was not provoked—I know that even after my son wipped him around the mat Reid showed very unsportsman like behavior.

Pro Wrestling is garbage, and garbage begets garbage!

(Wow that was harsh)