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Apple cider vinegar

Does anyone here use or know anything about supplementing apple cider vinegar? My mom is all crazy new-age health food woman, and all she says is “its good for you”? Anyone have any thoughts?

On a semi-related topic, both my parents are embarking on a 10 day diet where all they consume is a mixture of water, maple syrup, cayanne and lemon juice. I shit you not, they’re going to do it. Friends of their’s who’ve done it said they felt great, and some even worked out. Apparently there’s some dude who’s considered a guru of this diet, and he did it for 256 days. Mad craziness!

Tell mom to stop reading about diets in the National Enquirer and the Star.

If they want to do a no-brainer liquid diet, at least get them on the Fat Fast. Or check out my MRP diet in the previous issues section.

The apple cidar vinegar is suppose to kill off all the bad bacteria inside the bowel and intestines. Those folks in Oregon that produce the Green Algea have a similar program of dexoting the body.
All I can say about the sounds of this diet is that unless your parent’s Guru was very obese, he should have died with out food for 256 days.
Before they diet, make sure they have life insurance and youre the beneficiary!(just kidding, but make sure their medical insurance is paid up. They might feel like shit after 10 days of fruit juice, water and applecidar vinegar solution. Peace .

I think I need to clarify; this maple syrup+cayanne+lemon juice solution diet is intended as a cleansing diet. Yes, I imagine they will lose weight, but in their minds that is just an additional effect. Neither of my parents are overweight, and I really don’t think either of them give a flying fuck about retaining muscle mass.

Chris, I considered suggesting the MRP diet to them, but I decided against it because, as I said, this diet is intended to cleanse the body. Mom give me a hard enough time about my big jugs of protein, and she's basically against processed/refined foods in general, so the MRP diet, as effective as it may be, is not her idea of a cleanse. Chris, sorry, but I'm pretty sure ma didn't read about this diet in a tabloid. As strange as it may seem to you and I (believe me, I bug her about it), she knows what she's talking about. Mom had breast cancer last year, she's fine know, but she had tons of free time to read up on getting better. Yes, the chemo helped, although it made her sick, but I sincerely believe that she is doing as well as she is because of her spirit and her new found attentiveness to her body and her health. Another wierd mom example - not eating gluten...for three months. I don't really know why, but she did it. Made her feel better too.

I guess what I'm getting at is that there are plently of non-T-mag philosophies on health out there, and to simply disregard them seems to be an exercise in ignorance and that there every clinically tested, Western developed theory on health is not nessicarily the best thing for the body.