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Apple Cider Vinegar

What health and/or physique benefits does it have? I remember reading that some top BBer swears by it. Why does JB recommend using it? Possibly maintaining a good acid-base balance?

Lets discuss!

This came up in a search.

Fast and Furious wrote:
Adding Apple-Cider vinegar to your meals and salads, as well as lemon juice, can neutralize metabolic acidosis and reduce renal acidity and the PRAL of the meals. It also can stabilize glycemia (blood glucose levels) and reduce the glycemic (and the insulinemic) responses to the meals and therefore might combat carb craving and appetite, which ultimately reduce food and energy intake. It also improves immune function and has powerful anti-oxidative properties. Yep, there is also scientific evidence and some studies suggesting acetic acid and vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity, glucose disposal and glycogen resynthesis and repletion in liver and skeletal muscles. Combine all together, those effects might help you to improve health, body composition and even sports performance.

Also, apple cider vinegar with a little olive oil as a salad dressing is damn tasty (and healthy)!

From my understanding these are the two non-wives tale reasons to consume ACV or any other Vinegar:

  1. Acetic Acid may act as a partioning agent. You will notice JB generally included it in his carb rich meals. This is because some research has shown that it may caus carbohydrates to be used preferntially for glycogen replenishment and not as an energy source. This is a good thing if you are worried about replenishing glycogen stores from a recovery standpoint.

  2. Acetic Acid actually acts as a basic compound in the body. This is good because all the protein we consume can create a very acidic acid/base balance. From my understanding the Acetic Acid quickly forms its conjugate base, Acetate, after ingestion.

Hope this clears some stuff up for you.

BTW, lets please not start discussing Stallone, OK? This place is a friggin’ think tank after all. Anyway, with the above post I have a few other questions to ask.

-why is reduced acidity a good thing? Simply to maintain homoestasis?

-what is the “PRAL” of a meal?


Side note, apple cider vinegar eliminates acid reflux. An ounce everyday will virtually eliminate this problem. It also helps to boost your immune system provided you use a all natural version(wal mart bad!) Bragg’s is considered to be the #1 in apple cider vinegar in terms of research on the the huge amount of health benefits. Just google em for their web addy.

Besides making salad dressing out of it, how else do you take it? And how much do you take a day?

Good info Harm. Anyone else out there got anything to say?

[quote]TeeVee69 wrote:
Besides making salad dressing out of it, how else do you take it? And how much do you take a day?[/quote]

I’d say that either mix in in with salads or in with a protien shake. Don’t try to just shoot it, adsolutely horrible. JB recommends taking in 6 tablespoons/day. I don’t know if that’s optimal but that’s what he recommends.

I take about an ounce or two everyday in my water. I’ve gotten use to it now but in the beginning it was kinda harsh. You do what you gotta do! Another good thing to take is Aloe Vera juice, preferably by a George’s Its extremely nutritious and (from that company) tastes just like water. google it for more info or send me a PM !

Shots, quick and (after the pain fades) painless.