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Apple Cider Vinegar?


How much do you guys use? How often? Drink it neat?


I have been using it on lettuce for breakfast during weekdays.


I wouldn't drink it neat even if my life depended on it...

Use it with your salads man, and add some olive oil.


Haha - I will agree with you on that. I bought a bottle and thought I would man up and take a big swig while walking to the car with my girlfriend. My god I almost died! haha.. On salad is a good call. Also, I tried 2 tablespoons this afternoon with some water and ice - wasn't too bad


so, why would you drink it? I know my mom used to say something about it being generally good for you, but I don't know anything beyond that.....


It helps prevent sudden high insulin spikes. It prevents large sotrage of fat. So If you have a sip before all big meals of the day, it will help insulin to be released slowly and not suddenly. This has a strong impact on fat storage.. Also, it's very healthy - like your mom said. haha


I've tried it before. I don't mind the taste, but a little warning, don't shoot it straight back, at least IME, it can burn your throat a bit.


Great on salads.
If your gonna take it straight, add some cinammon and chase it with ice cold water.


Yeah - I'm taking it straight. Just rememeber to rinse your mouth afterwewards (however you decide to take it). It can destroy your teeth due to high acidity levels..


You can mix it ( small amounts) with cranberry juice.. not bad at all.


I only drink soft drink i don't take any kind of alcohol drink....