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Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal


Has any one tried removing a mole with ACV? Its a pretty common thing apparently. If any of you have what are your experiences with it?




Ya man. Just look up ACV mole removal in google and you'll find forums with people talking about it. Though Im just curious if anyone here has tried it with any good effect. I started to use it on a mole on my nose and it got bigger but it turned black (which is normal) which means the cells are dying.

Heres a forum with some good success stories: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/moles.html#ACV_41389


Hmm, I have a mole or two but......... "04/21/2010: Ashlee from Naperville, Il, Usa writes: "My girlfriend tried ACV on a cotton swab after scoring her 2 facial moles. They both left leaving craters in her face. She could handle the craters (because she knew they'd heal)but now the moles are coming back, which she's not too happy about. Especially since they already came back once before with a vengeance (getting bigger) after a failed attempt using H2O2."


Don't mess with moles.


Yes but majority of the comments are positive in their results. Besides, she may not have done anything to prevent them from coming back.


Did you draw that Iron Dwarf?


I've had plenty of questionable and precancerous material removed from my skin.
If its something that gets in the way or catches on your clothes and get highly irritated, you can ask a dermatologist to remove it. If its is in place like your armpit, on the bottom of you feet, between your toes, blah blah wiki it, it should be removed.