Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies/Capsules

There’s been a few T Nation articles and tips about apple cider vinegar’s ability to reduce/control blood sugar over the last couple years.

I was wondering if there’s any science supporting or denying the effectiveness of ACV gummies/capsules…

or if supp companies are just cashing in on the uninformed thinking a gummy/capsule will do the same thing as consuming a teaspoon of ACV.

Does a gummy/capsule of vitamin C do the same thing as consuming a kiwi? Yes and no.

Gummies, in general, I don’t really “get”. Like, I understand the concept of wanting to appeal to people who don’t like taking pills, but I find they tend to be low dose and sometimes sugar-sweetened, both can make getting a decent dose of a supplement problematic.

ACV caps “shouldn’t” be an issue if it’s a decent brand, but again, you’re likely not getting micronutrients present in the whole food (even if you get caps with the mother). From some quick Google-Fu, many brands also have random “stuff” thrown in in addition to ACV, so you’re not just getting what you’re after.

Long story short (too late), it doesn’t get much more simple or cost effective than throwing back a tablespoon of ACV liquid, mixing it in a shot of water, or putting it on some veggies. Gummies/caps are second-tier alternatives.

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I agree with this and everything else, but the one somewhat convincing argument I’ve heard for gummies/capsules is that the shot-taking method of consuming ACV (which is my method) can over time cause some damage (or perhaps just irritation?) to the esophagus. Maybe that’s not quite accurate though.

You ideally want to mix it with some sort of fluid if taking it straight. I find it enhances the flavor of some stuff.

But also, ya’ll must have some interesting lives that you can just carry around liquid ACV with you to take before your meals. I like capsules because I can use them when I’m away from the home.

Man, mixing it with more liquid makes it takes longer to choke down, haha. No thanks.

I’ve made a decent salad dressing with it before, but haven’t experimented with much else.

I’m not that consistent. It’s just the best method I’ve found to get rid of heartburn quickly, should I experience that, which I haven’t in a while. I’m more reactive than proactive with my usage.

You shouldn’t need to choke it down though if you mix it with something with flavor. Fruity stuff in particular gets complimented well. I like lemon ice tea and fruit punch.

I’ve only done water to dilute it. I don’t think I would’ve thought of using that stuff, I probably wouldve assumed it wouldn’t turn out great. Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah, I’ve heard that and read some info both supporting and debating it. Not sure I’m sold on it as a significant worry unless there’s a pre-existing digestive issue since soda can be similarly acidic, people drink it by the liter, not the tablespoon, and their esophogusesusses… esophogi… their innerds aren’t melting away.

Fair enough, but most people don’t have 12 meals a day outside of the home. Taking a spoonful or diluted shot of ACV before breakfast and/or dinner is doable for pretty much everyone and still delivers the insulin management benefits. But if we’re talking about pre-meal vinegar for digestive benefits, I prefer stuff like papain/bromelain chewable tabs for that.

Me neither. I only use ACV for 2 meals a day: lunch and dinner. I eat lunch at work typically, and occasionally eat dinner out.

@T3hPwnisher do you mind sharing the brand you’re using? I’ve just recently started using ACV and have been doing the liquid but am interested in the pills for use away from home.

I get it from Costco.


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