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apple cider pills

My mom just started taking apple cider pills in hopes of losing weight, sounds like total BS to me and I told her that anyone know anything about apple cider pills helping a person to lose weight?

I know the shit doesnt work lol…i use to work at a health food store for a year…its amazing to see the same damn fat or out of shape people come in and buy the crap desperately hoping to find some miracle cure…i have even used it cuz i went through a phase of trying everything…trust me it doesnt work…waste of money…get on some xenadrine or ripped fuel…or get the drug clenbuterol…of course this is still looking for an easy way out miracle cure but its better than wasting money on shit that doesnt work…tell her diet and cardio and hit the weights 3-4 times a week…thats whats gonna produce true results not a miracle pill…good luck