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Apple as PWO Carb Source?


Would something like an apple be good as a post-workout carb source, followed immediately by some steak or something?


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I usually try very hard to respond to the post without telling the poster to search or making fun of them. This was very difficult this time. :slightly_smiling:

Apples are very good for you. They have some great health benefits. One of the many benefits is the fiber. This slows down the rate at which its energy is distributed in the body. You want the opposite post workout. However I think an apple included with some lean protein and green vegetables in the following meal would be a good thing.



but there's only 4g of fiber in an apple, is it really enough to have that effect ?


I am by no means an expert but I personally want to have the quickest uptake possible. Dr. Berardi said he believed it would take five or six medium apples before you would get an insulin response and most people would probably throw up before they could eat that many in one sitting.



I add benefiber to my PWO shakes. I've been making perfectly adequate gains lately.

You're either getting enough calories to grow or you aren't. That's it. Eat an apple; why not...


Are you that afraid of gaining fat that you want to limit your PWO carb source to an apple?

I don't know about your workouts, but I tend to question people's training intensity when they suggest things like this. There's no way I'd even consider something like this based on common sense.


I am not suggesting that eating an apple or other source of fiber is a bad thing. There was another thread where I felt "attacked" by suggesting a post workout shake with whey and sugar such as Surge. And I certainly agree with it boiling down to calories when it comes to growth. However, with the research available I feel it is best to limit your post workout shake to fast digesting protein and carbs for optimal results. That doesn't mean I don't think someone can garner results doing otherwise.



an apple is fine post-workout (or any time for that matter) but you may want to have more than that post workout for optimal effect. don't believe the hype that the carbs have to be especially "fast acting". the goal here is to stimulate an increase in insulin, coupled with some protein, to shift the body into an anabolic state. an apple is a fine choice, but you should probably have more than that.


I have a serving of pineapple with my shake when I get home. The bromelain and the vitamin C are good PWO and it goes to refill the glycogen in my muscles.

But in my car on my way home from the gym I usually take some BCAAs

fruit is good PWO

are you doing a ketogenic diet?




eh, just cycling carbs a bit. I was wondering if an apple would be better than pasta, since there'd be a quicker spike from the apple.


I don't see how the spike would be faster than the pasta, seeing as how it's full of fiber (particularly hemicellulose if I'm not mistaken) and water.

A far as I'm concerned, if you earned carbs during your workout, then have carbs. Have a postworkout shake, then eat an entire pizza or go to a chinese buffet. KFC has a delightful new menu item that I think is called "personal sized box of shit: that works well too.

Apple's aren't even food, they're like stomach filler until you can find real food. Or as an ingredient in food.


LMFAO @ There only a filler till you can find real food LOL thats what I use them as LOL!!!




Fair enough.

I just need more fiber in my diet and that's the easiet time for me to get it. It hasn't had a negative effect, if anything it has helped with digestion.

I also dont agree on the whole fast protein or slow protein. Unless you workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach you are going to have nutrients in your system. Assuming you are eating properly there should already be an adequate amount of protein in your body to use after the work out.


see that's what I'm confused about, (the earning carbs part). Say I'm trying to do a somewhat clean bulk. Is it ok to up my carbs a bit, as long as I balance that out with an even greater increase in protein intake?


I'm not really one to be giving advice about getting lean, but I know I drop weight like a stone if I eat sparsely, do a small amount of conditioning work every day in addition to my weight training and I can still eat as much of whatever I want after training.

I tried to type up something about knowing if you earned your carbs, but it's one of those things that I think you'll just know. I do know that if you're not sweating when you train you're not training hard enough. (There's a guy in the gym guilty of this and it drives me nuts.) If your training is hard and you're eating well the rest of the day, you can eat what you want after training. If you're worried about it, eat whatever you want but add two or three scoops of protein powder. Just don't eat like shit all day and then blame the results on your pwo pizza pie.

Pineapple is good shit for pwo, btw. If you combine it with a chinese buffet it's even better. Start with a big plate of pineapple, helps put the good stuff to work.


Just toss some fruit, whey protein, and milk (skim if you want to limit the calories) into a blender for a PWO shake. Using the USDA Nutrient Database...

1/2 cup frozen blueberries - 40 cals, .33g protein, 9.43g carbs
1/2 cup sliced apples - 28 cals, .14g protein, 7.53g carbs,
1/2 cup sliced bananas - 67 cals, .82g protein, 17.13 carbs
1 scoop Grow! Whey - 120 cals, 22g protein, 2g carbs
1 cup, nonfat milk - 86 cals, 8.35g protein, 11.88 carbs

Total - 341 cals, 31.64g protein, 47.97g carbs

It's a simple PWO shake that suits your needs if you want to consume fruit... take out the banana if you want less carbs and take out the apple if you want less work.

This is just an example, but really you need more than a damn apple for PWO if you're doing anything more than twiddling your thumb at the gym. Like conorh said if you've earned the carbs at the gym then eat carbs, especially if you are bulking!