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appitite question...am I crazy

Ive been real strict for 3 months on t dawg2.0. however, about a month ago my fat loss stalled, so I introduced cardio into my program (had just been lifting up till then, meltdown1, and 2 cycles of abbh). My problem is this, since adding cardio, right before easter, my appitite has been out of control! after 3 months of following to perfection, I have spent the last 2 weeks doing piss poor! My workouts have been great, but damn Im eating alot. Any connection to the cardio? or have I just been a wuss. also, does hot rox have an effect on appitite, I ran out once and had to drink about 3 gallons of water to stop myself from eating the doors. Any input would be appreciated. Incedently, tdawg kicks ass, started at 255 25% body fat, today Im 232 16%!!! not bad for a few months! thanks all!

I also didn’t have a difficult time with my diet until adding interval training. Was also recently doing meltdown; I am now approx. 220 at 15% bf. Ever since I started introducing 400m sprints and splitting legs into Quad/Calf based and Glute/Ham based sessions I have been an eating machine. I suppose that high intensity cardio must provide a substantial increase in metabolism. It would be nothing for me to go and consume 2000 cal right now; I am frickin hungry. There is a carton of eggs in my fridge…

How have your weights been progressing? I have been cutting the weight at such a pace to allow for strength gains while cutting the fat. My deadlift for 5-6 reps has gone up about 55 pounds. I am pumped because I went into meltdown and t-dawg expecting strength loss. Currently eating along Berardi principles and still seeing about a pound per week loss.