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How do i increase my appetite without percription drugs? I am eating like crazy and packing in major caloies, but i am starting to gag every time i look at food. HELP


B12 seems to help. I'm using 1g/day.


what is b12 dude.


why are people so damn lazy? look it up.


Vitamin B12. Available at any health food store or drugist, and most grocery stores.


Joel- If you don't know that B12 (not b12) is one of the "B vitamins" then I suggest you start doing some readlng...lots and lots of reading. Learn and get big.


Fenugreek does a good job.


Drink your calories bud. Get an old 1.25L coke bottle and put in 200g of skim powder, then add 50g of Sustagen, then fill with water and shake. There's 1000 calories you can take in in about 2 hours and still feel ok, i.e. not wanna chuck it back up. I take in about 2 of these a day. Heaps of protein, minimal fat. I'd never get the calories otherwise. Cheers.