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Appetite While Injured

Hi little buddies,

Have you guys noticed that when you are injured your appetite increases?

Im out with a trapezius strain that should be recovered in a few days time, but meanwhile as I rest Im noticing Im hungrier than normal. A few years ago when I had ankle surgery I had also noticed I just wanted to eat ice-cream all day as I sat at home and recovered.

Is it because my body is craving food to help it repair or is it because I have more spare time on my hand??



wanting to eat ice cream all day while you’re at home recovering sounds like comfort eating to me.

Yup, it might be either or a combo. Unless you are fat i would simply fallow that urge/instinct.
Many animals fast when they are sick like many babys are trying to if their mom is ok with that.
Animals never go to universities or doctors so we have ways to get back to health when we are of balance.
When it smells real good or the color is a strong pull you are in contact with your natural/animal instinct, it is a big GO, you might experience something close to an orgasm. Close your eyes than select. When your need is satisfied the taste will be different, the texture might be like cardbord, the pleasure will be over, so fill up till you fill your limit.

I opened an other window and as per your profile go for it mate !

I’m always less hungry and have to force myself to eat