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Appetite Suppressant


What are the best out there? I have used HOT-ROX in the past and liked it but, at the moment it is to expensive for me (college student). Are there any natural or cheaper altenatives? Is Hoodia any good?






I was wondering, many people talk about keeping blood sugars leveled and spiking it only at certain times of the day I.E training. Yet many drink large amounts of coffee through out the day, won't this cause spikes through out the day?

I have tried water but, I do notlike the feeling of water sloshing around. I might try the coffee though, might have to start low I have never drank it.


Hopefully you realize that people have greatly varying sensitivities to caffeine, and thus are likely to have it effect their blood sugar to varying degrees.

As with anything like this that isn't lethal, it makes sense to experiment on yourself to see how you respond.


ephedrine and caffeine (not overly cheap).

brushing your teeth.



Try chewing sugar free gum or consuming a diet soda when the cravings get real bad. I usually would just say lots of water but you already shot that down as an option.




Eat a bowl of broccoli with the water.


I asked in the opening post if it was any good? Some people say it worls others say it does not. As for gum, diet soda, water they all work but, I rather take something that suppresses the hunger. Those either make you feel bloated or really full.


Here's a good list of appetite suppresants, caffeine/ephedrine being one of the best. If you're looking for non-stimulant suppresants, anything with a lot of fiber - even a serving of psyllium husk - will help you feel fuller.





protein shake before every meal


Those are bad for you though... I prefer dip


What do you guys think of Spike? Can it be compared to HOT-ROX? Can you take both? Seems there is nothing that really works without spending some money.


Apples.. take ages to eat, not to many calories


Spike is not going to work as an appetite suppressant.