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Appetite Suppressant for Late Evening?


there are nights i get uncontrolable hunger at night (doesnt matter so much how i ate during the day - happens on high carb/low carb or high cal/low cal days).

other than will power, are there any good supps that help? EC works well, but not at that time of the day. Fiber pills dont help either. either does lots of water - i think it just strecthes my stomach out and makes me hungrier.


What time is your last meal and when do you go to bed?


last real food meal is about 7 or 8. its usually around 500 to 800 calories. every night i usually have a protein drink before bed (between 10 and 11pm) with a piece of chese, peanut butter, nuts, etc.

i am trying to drop a few pounds of fat. total cals for the day is usually between 2200 and 2500 when i dont eat everytyhing in sight. there are days where i have devoured 800 plus cals extra between 8 and 11pm.


If you have been 'slack' for some time, this will be tough for a while. Some days you will win and some you will loose. You should be in a better place in 6-8 weeks if you make the effort. Developing willpower is the only real solution.

Try distraction between now and then...get a side project, etc. Take a copy of any book (from Arnold's Bodybuidling Encyclopedia to the Bible), open up MS Word on your computer, start on page one and go to work. When you finish that book, if you still have the problem start another.


You could try having your largest meal right before bed. I used to get hungry at night as well until I started eating big dinners.


i've actually dropped 45 pounds over the past four months. the last five with the help of pneumonia. but i have gained 10 back. its not all bad, i look better at this weight going up than i did going down, but still want to lose another 15 or so. (for a total of 50)

last night i had two chocolate protein and peanut butter shakes after 8pm, but it still didnt help.


Try drinking Chamomile tea after your last meal. Not only does it make me sleepy, but it also flips a switch that says "nope, not hungry."


Intermittent Fasting does WONDERS for night time craving... cuz thats when i do all my eating! busy during the day, fasting. bored in the evenings, studying and eating.


Nice work to date. My recommendation stands.


work out more


I think it's really just a matter of better meal spacing. I have my last meal bout 30-45 mins before I hit the bed when I'm dieting (on higher intake days, even closer). As my later meals aren't as high in cals and macros as ones earlier in the day, or especially before my training, I make sure to 'pad' them out a bit with lettuce and green veggies. A little bit of fat helps me feel fuller as well (either some PB, or even just a few Flameouts).