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Appetite Stimulants?

Hey Everyone,
I am just starting to train and have been trying to eat like some of these sample diets I find but I find I am just not hungry! Someone told me that they used a herb of some sort to stimulate their appetite! What herb will do this for me? And is it safe to take daily?

THC should do the trick. You should be able to find it at various locations, and vendors in any populated area.

The only thing I know of is vitamin B12. It seems to help at about 1-2g/day.

Yeah Crash! THC and TONS of B12/B6. You can take enormous amounts of B12/B6 and never feel anything but good. If you really are just getting high to eat and not for enjoyment then use the least amount possible before you eat. If you are missing 1000 calories a day it is probably worth the trade off of slightly increased estrogen levels from the THC inorder to get the calories you need. By the way THC mimicks chemicals in your brain known to stimulate appetite. GOOD luck. Let us know your progress.

yes it is safe to use every day and you can get it from any kid with a skate board, just ask for herb and he will know what you mean. peace

drink a lot of protein shakes. thats the best way to get your protein drinks. put in one solid meal a day and you’ll be set. laters pk

just wanted to add that although THC will increase app it increases matabolism also. pot smokers weigh no more than non pot smokers. It WILL increase app but I would make sure that you consume cal dense food (you’ll like it more anyway :wink:

Nice job guys! A new guy gets lost and wanders into the neighborhood and the first thing you tell him is that he ought to go out and become a pot head! Ignore these city slickers young fella. Listen to “normal” people like Jason Baran and you’ll get the straight scoop. However, until they let him out of his most recent padded cell, I suggest that to start you eat 3 regular type meals (but without a lot of carbs) and take 3 MRP’s in between meals. Once Jason is out, he will get you some psychotropic drugs that will make you want to eat everything in sight, even pink elephants.

heytey is partially correct in that it is theorized that it increases appetite and metabolism. The theory is a bit sketchy still (there are some really fat pot heads) but probably has merit. That probably is the herb for you

Hey bud, go with the advice to drink the calories. I only take in about 2 regular (chewing) meals a day. The rest is either a commercial protein shake (post WO), or skim powder and something like Sustagen mixed with water. I take in about 2000cals a day from the latter and it’s easy to suck down. Just make sure you take a fibre supplement occasionally.

THC is effective for appitite stimulation however it is estrogenic and can sap your motivation. There is a drug called PERIACTIN, Ciproheptadine is the active substance it’s an appitite stimulant, do a web search for it. outlaw.

THC has no purpose in a BB forum. Take about 1 to 2 grams of b12 and you’ll eat everything in sight. Ya you could smoke some pot but good luck getting yourself motivated to get in the gym the next day.

Fenugreek always increases my appetite.

it can make you sluggish, granted, but the estrogen experiments were (to my knowledge) one of many wonderful ones by one of the worst doctors to ever grace the planet, Dr. Naha. When done by decent scientists, the results weren’t replicated.

Oh for f#cks sake! Leave the f#cking drugs and sh!t alone! Go on an eating binge for 4-7 days, drink as much calories as you can, stuff as much of ANY food in as you can, and drink as much water as you can. YOUR STOMACH WILL STRETCH! YOU BODY WILL GET USED TO THE HIGH AMOUNT OF CALORIES AND WILL WANT TO CONTINUE! If you’re working out properly you shouldn’t have that much of a problem with lack of appetite. Are you training enough? Are you training ‘effectively’ enough? And leave off any stimulants! Don’t go wasting money on crap to ‘make you eat’ when all it takes is a bit of willpower to push through an uncomfortable phase. [shakes head / stalks off muttering]

Go on a rediculously restrictive diet like fat fast then come off it quick and hard. Haa haa.