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Appetite Stimulants?

Bulking would be a lot easier if I could get a hold of such a thing. I read something about high doses of B vitamins once but I can’t find it now. Anyone know anything about this?

I dont know, but I’ve heard that chewing gum helps. Something mental like “you’re chewing, but nothings going in your stomach” -makes you want more in your stomach.

sitting on the couch in front of the t.v.

seriously though, sex seems to greatly increase my appetite. The lady and I can go to a chinese buffet, but as soon as were done with the loving, I am hungry again.

Things that helped/help me.

Chewing, making sure to really chew my food well. Speeds the exit from the gut making room faster.

Staying hydrated, water sounds odd but this helps me as well.

I have heard B injections do as well never attempted it.

guess its worth mention that was more making room not an appetite or being hungry. I have never had a prob wanting to eat its simply the room for it.

Apple Juice.

Carbolin 19 gave me quite an appetite when I was using it.


Although you probably shouldn’t because it might take a toll on your um… motivation.

What about ‘fullness factor’ go to www.nutritiondata.com and view their fullness factor rating for food. they have a function the lets you select a food you eat and then gives you a list of foods that are better for weight gain/weight loss/optimal health etc.

It’s mad handy. If im ever bulking (rarely, I have to weigh in for competition at 170) I just use more calorie dense foods. Fattier steak, bagels if you do the bread thing, peanut butter galore (I eat this allt eh time though). think max callories per square inch of food without getting unhealthy (as in not pure lard).

What are you eating that makes you so full? or are you just a super ecto that needs like 7000+ per day to gain anything? good luck,


Eating smallish low fat meals make me hungry.

If I do skip breakfast, I don’t get hungry and I have to make myself eat.

If I have oatmeal, I am starving within 2 hours.

A tablespoon of soy sauce may stimulate appetite.

Heavy, compound movments.

Or working out hard in general.

[quote]rsg wrote:
Carbolin 19 gave me quite an appetite when I was using it.[/quote]

Someone did mention it. My B.

Squats and deadlifts in the same workout. Seriously, I could eat a horse on these days.

I don’t know about some of these suggestions…a lot of them that people say help them eat keep me full.

B-12 injections did virtually nothing for me, I dosed up to medium range.

Don’t waste your money.