Appetite Stimulants?

Does anyone know of any supplements that can increase your appetite?

My appetite is piss poor, especially when im not training. I can literally go a day without any food and not feel hungry. The times I do force myself to eat it usually takes me an hour to put down some chicken/rice/veg.

Any supplements that could help would be amazing, anyone got any ideas?


Yeah that would increase my appetite, but i’d also be losing even more calories (on top of weight training). It doesn’t really increase it so much that it helps me to eat in an calorific excess.

In that case I’d reccomend Controlled Labs “Black Hole”. No idea if it works, but it’s the only supplement of it’s kind that I know of.

[quote]esk221 wrote:
In that case I’d reccomend Controlled Labs “Black Hole”. No idea if it works, but it’s the only supplement of it’s kind that I know of.[/quote]

Ok ty i’ll check that out. There should be more appetite increasing supplements, considering how many suppressants there are.

Well this seems to be just the thing I was looking for:

From the Controlled Lab’s website:

Non-Psychoactive Cannabinomimetic Alkylamides�?� Complex:

Everyone knows that marijuana makes you hungry. So how does an athlete or bodybuilder increase their appetite naturally without having to deal with an illegal drug? Well, if there were a chemical that was physically similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, then it could potentially activate the same receptors and elicit the increased hunger response. There just so happens to be a group of alkylamides that act as cannabinomimetics and mimic cannabinoids in structure and bind to their receptors, the CB1 and CB2, which are part of the G-protein-coupled-receptor group. These receptors are located in the brain and around the body. They are in charge of many different functions including, but not limited to, appetite (increased and decreased), immune system function, anti-inflammatory response and euphoric pleasure.

The next step was to look for herbs that contained these alkylamides that mimic the structure of cannabinoids. The two herbs that showed the greatest promise were Echinacea Purpurea and Spilanthes Acmella. Both of these herbs contain many different alkylamides, but recent clinical information has shown that there are 3 in particular that have a high affinity for binding to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Dodeca-2E,4E,8Z,10Z/E-tetraenoic acid isobutylamide and dodeca-2E,4E-dienoic acid isobutylamide from the Echinacea herb and undeca-2E,7Z,9E-trienoic acid isobutylamide from the Spilanthes herb, found in a precise blend in Black Hole�?�, could be used to mimic the herbal cannabinoids found in marijuana, and more importantly, the endogenous cannabinoids found in the human body, including anandamide. Not only does the clinical information show that they can mimic them, but they can even bind to the receptors for a longer period of time than can the other two types. This means that Black Hole�?� will help produce hunger stimulating effects potentially greater than anything you have experienced before.

The oral bioavailability of these alkylamides has also been shown to be extremely high in human studies, so they will make it to the receptors without getting degraded by the gastric juices and/or the liver. Because the alkylamides bind to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, Black Hole�?� can also potentially help with anti-inflammatory response and better immune system function over the long term.

Now that you are hungry and have begun stuffing your mouth with tons of protein and good carbohydrates, what is your body going to do with all of those calories�?�.

Digest-It-All�?� Complex:

It wouldn�??t be in your best interests to create a huge appetite and not have the ingredients to help you digest all of those extra calories, which is why we included the Digest-It-All�?� complex in Black Hole�?�. Digest-It-All�?� will not only soothe the gastrointestinal system, but will also help you produce more gastric juices to accommodate the increased calories and food mass. Humulus Lupulus, otherwise known as hops, that is typically used in the manufacturing of beer, helps the stomach produce a larger volume of gastric juices that aid in digestion. Why push yourself so hard in the gym only to look like you have a beer belly due to bloating? You deserve the physique you work so hard on, which is why we added Clavo Huasca and Cayaponia Tayuya to the formula. They both aid in digestion and in the expelling of extra gas from the intestines. Ginger has been added to help increase the volume of bile excreted from the gallbladder, as well as for its anti-oxidant benefits. Giant Knotweedl has also been added as an anti-oxidant. These two powerful anti-oxidants will help scavenge free radicals that can result from greater food consumption.

You asked for it and now you have it, the first and only appetite stimulator supplement on the market, Black Hole�?�!!

Going to order some of this now, tyvm for directing it to me.

Black Hole sounds pretty interesting. I may give it a try also. But what’s with this part?

“Do not operate a motor vehicle within at least 2 hours of taking this product”

WTF kind of sides does this thing give?

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
B12 injections work for me and others.


I read up about this, but how do you go about getting the stuff?

I am actually getting a blood test done on monday to see if my B12 levels are normal or not.

TC said ReceptorMax increased his appetite.


I read reviews on Black Hole sometime ago, they didn’t look too promising. If you try it, I would like to hear your experience with it though.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with my appetite in the past also. I’m talking about a 4000 caloride/day diet. getting some vegetables in has helped a ton. specifically if I don’t feel like I’m digesting fast enough I’ll throw some spinach in a bowl and cut up half a cucumber on top of it and just eat it plain.

I’m pretty sure the enzymes in the vegetables increase digestion. Also I’ve noticed that when I eat brown rice I get really hungry an hour or two after eating it. I’ve heard that complex carbs can help with keeping the appetite going.

I was talking to a bodybuilder at my gym the other day and he said people will alternate eating their meal with a vegetable or eating their meal with a complex carb.

[quote]Evolv wrote:
I read reviews on Black Hole sometime ago, they didn’t look too promising. If you try it, I would like to hear your experience with it though.[/quote]

According to this thread, a couple people said it worked.

BCAAs seem to increase my appetite, not sure if it’s the squat routine I am doing now, but since I started taking BCAAs again, I have a consistent appetite throughout the day.
Give it a shot, if you’re not taking them, wouldn’t hurt either way.

what’s your diet like? eating the same bland foods (chicken, brown rice, veggies) can get monotonous and suppress appetite. try eating tastier food, and don’t be afraid to cut back on the veggies a little, as all they do is fill you up for too few calories (that’s why they are perfect for dieters)

try choosing more caloricly dense foods as well. dried fruit and nuts helps a ton (think peanuts + raisins) also subbing less calorie dense food for more calorie dense food (sub skim milk for whole, white meat for dark meat)

go read the article by david barr called “5 bigger bulking tips” (or something like that) it lists some good ways to increase calories / appitite. (including the aforementioned veggie thing)

in the end, you will just have to learn to “force-feed” yourself if you want to gain weight w/ a low appitite. that’s your bodies way of telling you it doesn’t want to put on more weight, but you have to learn to fight trough that.

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bananas beat me to it, but seriously you won’t find anything better.

I felt like REZ-V made me a lot more hungry when I was taking it. Marijuana… yea come to think of it I get hungry just about every day no matter what. =P

This is a while back, so I may be remembering this wrong. I was watching a Jay Cutler dvd and it was following his progress to the Olympia. He was losing his appetite to eat his meals and his prep coach Chris Aceto told him to salt his foods. He said it would help him with his appetite.