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Appetite Stimulant

Do any of you guys have any experience with appetite stimulants? I would like to find a good OTC appetite stimulant with no stupid side effects. Any ideas?

Well, its not OTC but EQ is the shit.

Equipoise would be my first choice no doubt, but I’m looking for something OTC and legal.

I’ve heard that b12 injections promote appetite.

Chewing gum always makes me hungry (anything not too sweet). Something about the salivation it induces makes me want to eat.

Also, alternating liquid and solid meals and eating “clean” helps if you’re trying to increase cals.

Also, the most powerful appetite stimulants I’ve experienced were allergy meds. I was on both OTC and prescribed varieties so I don’t what was working. At the time I felt hungry 24/7 so I decided to make the best of it and eat as much healthy food as possible. I felt post-thanksgiving-remove your belt-undo your pants-ready to explode-stuffed all day long. I’d even wake-up at night to eat. I’d wake up with a full belly but still feeling hungry (very strange). The meds also made me very sleepy. I was sleeping about 10 hrs a night and occasionally having an extra 1-2 hour nap during the day. I had nightmares every night though (probably from beein so stuffed).

I use the clock as an appetite stimulant. When 2hrs have passed I eat. If I have to I will the food down, or have someone stop it down my throat so be it…I also find it sometimes help to just eat your meal fast and beat the fullness signal…

fina is available over the counter…