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Appetite stimulant

Looking to take something to stimulate my appetite, preferably legal.
I just finished a Test/EQ cycle, so maybe I’ve got some kind of rebound effect from the appetite enhancing effects of the EQ (but to be honest, I never got the appetite stumulation from the EQ…got some good weight gain and strngth increases, but no appetite increase).
I’ve just been feeling generally crappy lately, and not eating often or good.
I’ve heard ginger may work?

Well, I was just thinking about this the other day, and as far as legal supps go I can’t think of anything. But I did some reading a while back and found some info on marijuanna, it can be used as an appetite stimulant when prepared as an edible oil or alcohol tincture. I know many people on this forum dissagree with drug use but from what I have read it seems that you might be able to eat far less marijuanna than you would need to get high while still retaining its appetite stimulating effects. Of course dosage would be a bit tricky (not enough no effect, too much and you will be in for a four hour mild psychedelic journey) I do not smoke pot, it made me paranoid and antisocial in the past but I have eaten small amounts of pot cookies/brownies/vodka in the past and simply felt physically relaxed and hungry. For what its worth I hope this helps.

If you do a search, there was a thread like this a few months ago. If you are already injecting, get you some Vitamin B12 and inject along with. You won’t be able to eat enough.

Ginger, cayenne pepper, B vitamins

I looked in the archives as was suggested, but nobody mentioned enzymes. I’ve been taking Wobenzym-N (search forums for subject: Wobenzym) and when I take two pills on an empty stomach, I get very hungry within about half an hour. Interestingly, the instructions say to take it at least half an hour before meals. The enzymes will improve your digestion, reduce joint pain, and increase appetite. I tried other brands of enzymes, but only the enteric-coated types worked. Enzymes in gelatin capsules didn’t do it for me.

i agree with h about marijuana. whatever your personal take on it, it does work to stimulate appetite. i smoke nearly every night and it does a great job of making me crave my midnight cottage cheese and flax, or muscle milk if really blown…inhale…slight cough…

give pot a shot. then get your grub on, and get some coloring books too. i don’t know of anything near as effective available on the legal, or on the cheap. just remember, it’s only a little t-doob.

On the, ahem, more legal side, you could try taking in more calories in liquid form. Though this won’t increase your appetite, per se, it will make it easier to get more calories in, which is the point. I reccomend skim milk & the MRP of your choice (Grow). You’ll still be hungry for your regular meals, but you can easily bump your calories up considerably. I did this with whole milk, and though I packed the fat, I definitely got more muscle, too. That’s why I’m switching over to the skim milk reccomendation.

I think it was just mind over matter. I was feeling kinda crappy (mostly mentally, not physically or sick), so I just kinda forced myself to get to the gym last night, forced myself to have a shake this morning (whole milk, dry oatmeal, natural PB, 50 grams chocolate protein powder…yummy!), and I think that kick started my appetite and my brain to get back into it.

Too bad I just finished my cycle and I start clomid in a few weeks…I’ll probably feel like crap again!

hits from the bong!