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Appetite Starter?

I can do the macro breakdown, but I just wanted to get the list out there so people could read it…

I mean honestly, I think my workouts are fine, I kind of agree that the 2 mass shakes a day was a hell of a kick in the ass. I will do better about the portion sizes and such, make a list of them on a more regular day. I am going out of town for new years and such, so it’s going to be a lot of ‘cheat days’.

I appreciate the input gentlemen, I will read some more on the subject and get the diet in order. I have gained some weight already, but I don’t want to gain it all in fat or possibly make myself diabetic from all the sugar, my family has history in it.

As a former fat guy I can only disagree with all this about eating “good stuff”. Find foods you like and gorge on them. If you like McD better than those shakes then go for it. Make sure you get a crap load of sugar throughout the day. You become addicted and gain weight like a MF. When you are at your desired weight you just need to stop the addiction…

You have to go against the typical eating advice because that advice is for someone trying to lower their weight or maintain. You want to ramp it up so you go in the opposite direction.