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Appetite Problems


So here's my problem, I'm in my first year of college and for some reason my appetite has gone to shit. Now i have never really had a problem with eating enough food if its available, in fact I can usually shovel it in for my size on a normal basis. But for whatever reason the past few weeks its been a bitch to eat.

For instance over break i was eating 5 eggs and 4 slices of toast on average for breakfast, now ill be lucky if i can even get down 4 eggs and i feel like throwing up if i even look at the toast. It gets better later in the day but i still just am not eating nearly as much as before.

But really its bad in the morning when my appetite seems to be non existent and i feel like vomiting. and my weight is starting to show it now. So if anyone has experienced this before some insight would be good. Also i have been to the doctor's and he couldn't figure it out so its safe to say im not ill


So your eating less, not hungry for breakfast, and feel like vomiting but it gets better as the day goes on...

That's called a hangover.

Welcome to college, have a good time.


Try researching w/ 100-500mcg of ghrp-6

or 2mg of ketotifen

or 4mg of periactin