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Appetite-is it directly related to metabolism?

Is appetite directly related to metabolism? Or vise versa?

If someone has a huge appetite does that mean they have a fast metabolism?

Or vise versa small appetite=slow metabolism?

I seem to have a slow metabolism but I can eat like a fricken cow.

It really depends on too many factors to come outright and say that appetite is 100% always directly related to metabolism although that is often the case. I think in people who aren’t dieting one way or the other (cutting or bulking)morning appetite can be a fairly reliable indicator of their rate of metabolism. A person can also have a very slow metabolism and be eating fine yet if that individual has dieted down and is well below their bodyfat setpoint the appetite can still be enormous even though the metabolism will be running slow. Likewise a person with a metabolism like a hummingbird trying to bulk up will often find their body rebelling by totally eliminating their appetite making it hard to eat enough food to gain weight. Oftentimes someone with a slow metabolism who is hungry all the time throughout the day (or hungrier for more food then their metabolism would indicate) is experiencing rebound hypoglycemia due to carbohydrate intolerance and insulin resistance. Paying careful attention to carbohydrate choices and increasing protein and good fat intake will often remedy this problem.