here was what i was doin:
epistane 20,30,30,40
wk2-10 tren a 75mg eod, but three weeks in i got an outrageous appetite, i ate myself sick multiple times, i ended up quitting the cycle, anyone else experience any shit like this? i literally could not even control my self…shit was wicked…any one else get experience with this like me? i mean, i ate till i puked 2 nights in a row consecutively, and again the next day, and almost AGAIN last night…idk if any of you brahs have ever seen/heard of any sht like this, but for you guys who have small appetites…just thought i’d give a heads up to this and ask if anyone experienced this…

You need to stop making retarded threads.

Youre the clown that posted about uncontrollably consuming a whole bottle of milk thistle. You clearly have some form of an eating disorder.

/\ /\ /\ Plus one. You either think you’re funny, or you’re way too unstable to be messing with pharmaceuticals. Seek help.

…im dead srs tho…also i dont have an eating disorder bro, damn, take it easy…you tell me you never had AAS fuck with your appetite?..and yeah the milk thistle thing was fucked up, but i was legitamitely concerned with the posibility that it fucked my test up bro, im not joking im srs. srsly…u ever have shit happen like that to you?

also i put on 21 lbs in a week from the tren…pure water…i thought this shit was supposed to be dry and hardening…how the fuck did this happen?

Please stop trolling. Youre not really funny at all.

bones im not trolling dude im serious, im not joking idk what happened, i talked with u about this idea before, heres what happened EXACTLY:
epistane:w1 20mg w2 30mg w3-stopped, couldnt tolerate lethargy anymore
tren a: 75mg eod-w1

w2-stopped, had to stop because i couldnt control my appetite and i got severely bloated with water, it was home made so idk if that makes a difference, i weighed in because i was curious to see what was happening because i was so bloated and the scale said 170!!! two weeks prior i weighed in at 148.8…bonez im not trolling im dead serious…idk what did it…is it possible that i am sensitive to progesterone?

or that i somehow messed up and made it incorrectly or something? srsly dude i am dead srs this rly happened to me…u were right dude i should never have messed with so much on first cycle…imma stick to good old test.

Wow I get to put my first person on T-Nation on ignore…

…? For what?

why is this pissing people off…i am not understanding…i am just wondering if it was the tren doing all this, or the combo of stane and tren…in 2.5 years i have never broken my diet like that and i was completely uncontrollable and i was just wondering if anyone else shared the experience and what they did to stop it, i liked tren, but i cant afford to let it ruin my diet, so i was just asking…dont understand at all why this is unnacceptable to anyone of you…