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I was wondering if you get appendix removed… can you start gaining weight easily since all your junk goes to the toilet… when you take a crap… one guy had his appendix removed after that he started lifting weights…ate like a horse and started seeing results and he was 16 at the time with average genetics… the he gained weight like crazy and he could lose it easily… so I was wondering if that was true???..by the way im 16… and the guy is 74 now…happy new year

This could be the most idiotic post ever on this forum.

HAHAHAHAHA it gets my vote.

Actually you really want to get your bowels and bladder removed. Then absolutely none of your calories or supplements can ever escape. You’ll grow forever. That’s what all the pro’s do.

A 16 year old can gain weight regardless of having an appendix.

Dude all your appendix is , is a small little tube-like thing that serves no purpose and is an evolutionary leftover from the last time humans evolved…It has no use to humans anymore since the small intestine no connects above the appendix and not directly to what is now the appendix. So having it removed isn’t gonna make you eat like a horse or become the size of one…seee I have finnally found a use now for my college anatomy class…yeah!


I just had my appendix removed about a month and a half ago. I lost a lot of LBM and all my lifts went down by a significant amount. The gains your friend saw had nothing to do with having his appendix removed… trust me on this.

It works even better if you remove all your intestants, or go hardcore and cut off anything bellow your waist. This way you don’t have to squat, sex is taken out of the equasion and all that translates into a lot of free time for upper body training. Then you can get HUUGE.
P.S. Are you the same guy that asked a question about Provalonon in the steroid forum.

The only reason I can see scientifically that you lost mass was because of not being able to train cause of the surgery and not opening wounds and giving ur body time to heal…The appendix isn’t used for anything anymore in our bodies so there would be no reason to lose mass besides what i stated above. Seeing as the illeocecal valve joins the large and small intestine above the appendix…feces don’t really even go into the appendix unless you are backed up which can cause appendicitis(sp). and nothing is absorbed thru it either…


Exactly. It was a combination of not being able to train and loss of appetite. I didn’t mean for it to sound like losing my appendix made my muscle tissue disappear or something :slight_smile: