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Appendix Surgery and Training

So, I got my appendix removed in minimal invasive surgery about week ago, Jauary 30.
All kinds of experiences/tips about recovery and returning to (heavy)training are welcome!

According doctor, it ruptured during operation, but no other problems.
First couple days were pretty rough in hospital, got home 3 days ago.
At this point, nothing more intense, than 1mile walks couple times per day. Also, been without painkillers couple days.

First 3 weeks are supposed to be limited lifting 10pounds, but that`s pretty hard thing to swallow :smiley:
At this point, not deciced how to start training again.

And sorry about my english.

Consulted sports physician about what I can do, and when.
I can return to gym, but stick to exercises that don`t stress abs, until 4 weeks from surgery, that should be enough time, to do direct ab work.

Also did my first workout yesterday. Nothing too crazy, some inverted rows, floor presses with 30%, hamstring curls and bulgarian split squats. And overhead presses with empty barbell, to see, if anything feels tight in lover abs.