Appendicitis Operation While on Sustanon Cycle

I had a sudden stomach pain 2 days back. Went to the emergency and got my appendicitis removed. Now the problem is that I am on a 500mg sustanon cycle, was in my 6th week.
Told everthing to my doctor he was completely against it and referred me to a doctor. I am going to visit the doctor after a week.
What do i do now? Read a similar article, everyone was suggesting to continue the cycle. Should i continue? Should i reduce my intake? Or should I start my pct?

What does your cycle have to do with anything? First of all you should’nt have told your surgeon, secondly, if he is not your primary care provider (PCP), screw him. You dont need to go see another doc to talk you out of doing gear.

The more this shit gets into your medical records, the more people see it. Everybody thinks HIPPA will protect them. My ex was medical records spec and TONS of people lay eyes on your medical records all the time. As long as it has to do with your treatment in some way, they can access it.

Just get another PCP and dont mention anyhting to him about using gear

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I know what you mean. But I was freaking out. Didn’t know anything about appendicitis, thought that test might have something to do with it. But after doing my research I learned that it has nothing to do with anything.
What do you suggest now? Should I continue 500mg weekly? I just hope it’ll not effect the healing process.