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Appearing Taller Than You Really Are


I've noticed that since I began lifting and putting on weight my build has made me look slightly shorter than I really am. I've also noticed that some people in my gym look taller than they really are, and they're pretty muscular. My question is: Are there certain body parts that you want to build up to look taller, or certain proportions you want to have?


Guys & girls are all the same, we all want bigger ones.


I have noticed this too.
A major factor i think is posture, how you walk, stand, where you look when you walk stand, do you slouch when you sit etc. And posture i think is heavily linked to confidence. SOmeone who walks tall and looks straight ahead will appear taller than someone of equal hight that doesnt.
Clothing may play a role also.
Your questoin related to musculature though, and I have noticed this too but to a lesser extent than posture/confidences affect on height. Unfortunately I cant help you out with that aspect


Wear thick-soled shoes. As far as shape goes, I think emphasizing a V-shaped torso with thin hips makes one look taller. So lowering bodyfat and increasing the chest/waist ratio will probably help.


Do you know of any books, articles, or web sites that pertain to having that tall posture? I agree that height appearance is partly a product of body language, but I haven't been able to find any relevant liturature. I would like to learn to have that "pressence" that some people have, and would like to learn more than just "carry yourself with confidence."


I remember reading something about it once. But have no idea where I read it. Sorry


I am one of those people who look taller than I actually am. Actually it's quite annoying! I'm only 176cm (about 5'9")! Although I've only just turned 16 though, but by the sounds of it, most people stop growing taller at around this age anyway (and although I don't believe weight training stunts your growth, I guess it doesn't help that I often squat 90-95% of my 1RM). I really wouldn't mind getting to 184cm (6 feet) though. But don't count on it eh? :slight_smile:


Didn't T-mag run an article on posture a long time ago? I think the author was female. Can't recall the title.