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Appeal of Living in Suburbs?


So my friend just bought a house with his fiance and I dont think its such a wise decision with the housing market tanking and all. I honestly dont even know why anybody would think living in the burbs is cool. Its boring as shit.


Having lived in both big city and country, I've found there are benefits to both.

Boring is a subjective term anyway.

Maybe they want to have kids one day, and raise them in an environment of safety and fresh air. Or maybe the dog needs a yard.
The housing market is climbing back anyway, and they probably bought cheap.


easy parking, more land, less likely to be robbed (depends on location),


Suburbs are right outside a city, so if it's so boring, you can just take a short trip into the city.

I've lived in the suburbs my whole life. I like having more room and the pace of everyone around you isn't so stressfully fast.

I can barely imagine what city life would be like, to be honest. I feel like the constant noise and people everywhere would make me uncormfortable.

But if you're the type of person who likes that environment, then I could see why you'd think the suburbs are boring. If you pick the right spot, it probably wouldn't be as bad as you think.


There is nothing intrinsic about a particular place that makes it boring. There are just boring people with no fucking imagination and a shitty attitude.


this, you could be bored on the most exotic retreat and you could be bored in the biggest city. Its not where you live, its what you do and who you are.


Not to be a smart ass and turn this into a financial strategy thread, but as Iron Dwarf alluded to.....they probably bought VERY cheap. Now IS the time to buy a house if you want to be a house owner. It's likely (nothing is 100%) a good investment seeing as real estate markets are at an all time low. Besides the fact banks aren't lending much, it really is a buyer's market. Rates are at a historical low as are the actual house prices.

Now in terms of it being boring or not....well that really is entirely up to the individual.



Especially for the first time buyer.


I like boring when it comes to where I live. My last house had shoot outs, drug busts, and roving assholes looking to start shit when there doesn't need to be any at all times, day or night.

And since I and 4 other people purchased so far below the assessed values within the same year, the whole neighborhood gets a lower assessment and reduced property taxes.