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Apparently We Can Build Muscle on Apples and Oranges....

Not sure if this is been posted before, but there is not a guy I want to punch in the face more on the planet right now. Not because of what he’s saying, but rather, his attitude and mannerisms.

He actually looks ill. He is pretty much walking proof you need protein to build muscle.

Dude you are so right, I want to gut this motherfucker.

I hate people

“Why am I 15 pounds over weight? Because I have too much muscle.”

“Ahh, excuse me but… come over here and study this.”



Shiit son. I’ve been a fool all this time. Protein and calories, wow what a waste of time. Seaweed and bananas are where it’s at - organic though, it’s very important it’s organic. You can’t get swole if it’s not organic.

Oh man, am I ever pumped after hearing this! I can’t wait to hit up the vegetable aisle and stock up on plateau-busting enzymes!

If I were told punching this person in the face for the rest of eternity is what hell was, I’d burn down a motherfucking orphanage.

Thank God I don’t eat a lot of fruit, I don’t want to get too big!!!

Yeah i hate this guy.

Paleo man would have eaten him :wink:

You know you’re swole when you can’t open a bottle of flax seed.

Ha! Muscle man couldn’t open his flax seed.

[quote]AttackOfTheChris wrote:
Dude you are so right, I want to gut this motherfucker. [/quote]

And that, my friend, would be roid rage from all that protein you’re eating.

I tell you that there’s one way this guy is getting protein…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I tried posting a comment on the youtube page but it has to be approved by the author. Looking the part doesn’t necessarilly mean anything, but why any body would look at this fruit and then decide to listen to him is beyond me.

So what is this guys gig? He goes around doing seminars on how to be a vegan twink?

This guy must have orthorexia. He’s one of those guys that just goes too far in pursuit of health.

I mean many of us here eat what I’d call hearty…lots of meats, veggies, whole grains, water, eggs, and we pop a multi vitamin most days and even then i feel kind of silly talking about food too much or discussing how many anti-oxidants are in something even though I am more interested in that sort of thing than the average person is.
This guy is on the nutty side. Though he doesn’t eat nuts.

That’s another thing…these people that limit many of their food choices always seem to feel the need to tell you how delicious everything they eat is. They never stop talking about how delicious it is. I mean I eat broccoli most days and I know it’s good for me, but I don’t think it’s delicious, but I do get that satisfaction from knowing that I ate healthy.

Haha, “I dont eat proteins, I eat enzymes”, umm an enzyme is a protein…

Yo, this guy reminds me of Dennis from Its Always Sunny In Philedelphia, I swear this could be part of an episode.