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Apparently Night Fishing is a Dangerous Hobby



Police are still trying to figure out why a black mob beat to death a Des Moines, Iowa, man at a popular downtown fishing spot one week ago.

Richard Daughenbaugh, a father of six and construction worker, did not know his killers, say police. But at 1 a.m., he found himself exchanging words with members of a mob that numbered in the dozens.

The Des Moines Register picks up the narrative with a sterile account that understates the violence and ignores the race of the attackers:

â??The suspects allegedly beat Daughenbaugh using no weapons other than their own bodies while others in the group tried to stop anyone from helping, police said,â?? the paper reported. â??A woman fishing nearby tried to step in and stop the assault and was struck, police said. Her companion was attacked as he jumped in to defend her. And when the woman tried to call 911, two women from the group allegedly grabbed her phone and threw it. She eventually retrieved it and called 911.â??

Translation: Several people beat Daughenbaugh. Several people beat the fishermen who tried to help. And several people beat the witnesses who tried to dial 911. And lots of others watched and cheered.

Richard Daughenbaugh died soon after.

The Register picks it up again, quoting a police spokesman: â??The phrase â??mob mentalityâ?? is probably accurate here. Once the assault began, acquaintances of the suspect jumped in.â??

Get the book that documents what the media wonâ??t tell you: hundreds of episodes in more than 80 American cities since 2010, where groups of blacks are assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, shooting, stabbing and killing victims.

Richard Daughenbaugh joins a growing list of victims of recent black mob violence, some lethal.

In August, two black people were charged with the murder of 88-year old Delbert Berton in Spokane.

A few days before, two black people were charged with the murder of Chris Lane, an Australian student living in Oklahoma.

A few days before that, a car full of black people were charged with killing David Santucci, a 27-year old Memphis nurse.

A few days before that, Ray Widstrand was walking through a black section of St. Paul when a mob of 100 black people beat him into a coma and permanent brain damage â?¦ if he lives.

Last week, three black gunmen killed Greig Placette in a Dennyâ??s restaurant in Houston. Placette died trying to shield several children from the gunfire.

Also last week, Clearwater, Fla., police arrested a black man in the murder of Jason Taylor Paul. The man told police he was having a â??hard dayâ?? and he â??wanted to kill the first person he saw.â??

Last week, a Brunswick, Ga., jury convicted a black man for shooting an 18-month-old baby in the face during a robbery. He said the mother did it.

The Iowa attacks are part of a nationwide epidemic of black mob violence: More than 500 cases in more than 100 cities are documented in the upcoming WND Book: â??White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.â??

The book documents â??Beat Whitey Nightâ?? and contains QR codes that enable readers to watch videos of racial violence as they read about it in the book.

Thomas Sowell weighed in at National Review on â??White Girl Bleed a Lotâ??: â??Colin Flahertyâ??s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.â??

Like Des Moines, local police officials and media around the country are loathe to talk about the race of the attackers â?? or victims.

People who work for the police department in Des Moines have learned to be careful about how they refer to racial violence. The last one to do it got fired. Her name was Lori Lavorato. She was the uniformed spokeswoman for the Des Moines police department during â??Beat Whitey Nightâ?? at the Iowa State Fair in 2010. When reporters asked her if the attackers were black and victims were white, she told the truth and said they were.

Soon after, she was fired: Sent down to traffic division.

The Register reported: â??Police commanders later said they found no credible evidence the fights were racially motivated.â??

â??I had some real concerns with us making that leap and making a remark like that publicly,â?? (Police Chief) Bradshaw told The Des Moines Register in an Aug. 26 interview. â??Thatâ??s a huge statement that, quite frankly, can provoke emotions on both sides of the issue.

â??People are very sensitive to remarks like that,â?? the chief continued, â??so I had some real grave concerns about us stepping out, and I wanted to make certain that we were right to message the State Fair events that way.â??

No evidence? Other than a police report â?? now posted at Smoking Gun â?? saying the people were shouting â??Beat Whitey Nightâ??? Other than the fact that all the attackers were black and all the victims were white? Other than the fact it happened several nights in a row? Other than the fact the attacks are on video?

There was â??no evidence.â?? In other words, the attackers did not issue a press release or carry signs with racial slogans prior to the attack.

On Friday, police charged three black men with murder of Richard Daughenbaugh. They also issued warrants for several other people for theft and assault. There are no charges pending on those who watched and laughed shouted encouragement.

The family of Richard Daughenbaugh unsuccessfully tried to make sense of the crime that took away a father, a friend, a husband, a neighbor. Residents of Des Moines wonder what kind of place their city has become.

Police issued warnings for residents to stay safe by walking in groups in well lit places.

â??Are you serious?â?? asked Larry Leighton at the WHO-TV website. â??He WAS near a group of people. THEYâ??RE the ones who beat him!â??

Several more questioned why the police chief and local press was so hesitant to identify the attackers by race: â??Yet the black-on-white murder of Daughenbaugh is a â??randomâ?? crime,â?? said Greta Simmons. â??Un-fâ??ing-believable.â??

Some readers said anyone who noticed all the attackers were black and the victims were white is racist: â??I see nothing in this article that makes me believe that they killed this man because he was white,â?? said Chris Doyle at the Des Moines Register. â??They beat him to death because he was there and nothing more. â?¦ You are no better then Jesse [Jackson] and Al [Sharpton] when you point to race first.â??

The story got the full attention of many readers who wanted to know why the Register does not identify victims of black-on-white violence, but has no problem giving full exposure to allegations of white-on-black violence, as was the case of Trayvon Martin.

Said Greta Simmons: â??What a bunch of liberal platitudes. These guys didnâ??t kill this man because they were poor. They did it out of hatred, out of racial animus. If poverty really breeds violence (that tired old Sociology 101 meme), why does Clay County, Ky. â?? one of the poorest counties in the United States â?? have such a low murder rate? Could it be because itâ??s 93-percent white?â??

Outside of Iowa, others are surprised to hear about the episodes of black mob violence in a place they thought to be the epitome of the quiet rural life.

â??If it is happening in Iowa,â?? said one guest on a WHO radio talk show in Des Moines, â??what do you think is happening in the rest of the country?â??

Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in â??White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Race Riots to Americaâ??


"The story got the full attention of many readers who wanted to know why the Register does not identify victims of black-on-white violence, but has no problem giving full exposure to allegations of white-on-black violence, as was the case of Trayvon Martin."

Except Zimmerman wasn't white, and Trayvon initiated, which would make it black-on-"white" violence, technically.

Anyway, blacks commit an insane amount of crime. I don't think this is news to anyone.


I was personally surprised the guy died while night fishing. How many times I've gone fishing at night and would never expect a mob to show up. Hell, I've fished next to a number of black guys and they are always damned happy to take our fish we catch if we don't plan to eat them, even Sheephead (which isn't a particularly tasty fish).

I also think that mobs of blacks attacking and (possibly) killing people not being news because it isn't shocking... is shocking in and of itself.


I don't understand how stuff like this even gets as far as it does. If anybody closes the gap on me at night their is a great chance that they will end up dead.


Great, kill that guy and I'm sure the other 2 dozen guys with him will all fall on knives or something.


So you just get beaten to death and off you go into the great beyond?

Good for you. I'd rather deal with either the starter of the group or the random goofball that mistook me for an easy mark on my own terms.


Sky, I honestly thought of you when I read this, because I know we both like to fish. I also sent this to my father, as he's been doing a lot of travelling to fish lately before the Walleye season dies off.

One must wonder what would have been the result if the guy was carrying and emptied his magazine into the group. Part of me thinks after one or two of them dropped that the rest would run. These aren't hardened soldiers, they are punks/thugs looking to prey on easy targets. Sure, logic would dictate if there's 15-20 of them, they can't all be shot, but of that group, none are willing to risk being one to take a bullet.

Sadly, we'll never know, and even sadder, I'm sure the media would be all over it parroting him as being a profiler and not needing to defend himself with a gun, he should have just talked his way out of it. What pissed me off the most was on another site a poster stated there must be more to the story because he shouldn't have been out at 1 am. Goes to show how stupid liberals can be. The guy was night fishing at a dock/harbor with other people (that tried to help) and was killed be a roving mob.


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It probably wouldn't even have taken that much. In groups like that there is always the starter. If you confront him and aren't a push over the rest of them will start busting his balls for being a pussy. But if you even flinch the wrong way, it's over and you are done.

I don't worry about this type of stuff too much around here. Most of the time when I go out for walleye and bass it's down to the youghiogheny where you might be accosted by a bunch of good ole boys who will try to douse you with Natty light, moonshine and some sticky homegrown. That, and the guys I fish with all carry fire arms, and even if I'm alone I have a nice lock blade.

That is a damn shame though. The guy was minding his own business trying to relax and ended up being beaten to death by the human equivalent to a pack of dogs.


Beaten to death? Did you miss the part about them all falling on knives?


He was practically begging to be beaten to death by a few dozen strapping young youths. He was probably a racist anyway. Good riddance, really.


Am I the only one around here that doesn't take a gun fishing?


I laughed at your last comment Ryuu. He was probably fishing without a license, they were just performing a vigilante act for his illegal actions. We need to practice proper conservation of our natural resources, not poaching of the fishes!

Sky, with regards to fishing at the Yuckagheny... are you at the Confluence, the top of the dam, or down the river some? My father and I always fished right at the outflow there at night for 'eyes. If you head up top to the damn, where I think there is a small conservation office and walk down the hill along the edge of the dam, there is an awesome spot for massive bluegill and perch, I'm talking bigger than your hand (at least there used to be about 5 years ago).

I thought you were Eastern PA, but now I know you're right in my backyard! We used to camp there too, nice area and as you said never any issues, maybe some grumbling if someone wanted your fishing spot though.


I don't have my CC permit yet, will probably get it when I go home in the fall for Archery season (gives me an excuse to buy another gun also, because both of mine are full-size). My father never used to carry really, but as of late he's been taking it with him most places as a precaution. And he's far from a try hard Dirty Harry in that respect. Piece of mind I suppose.


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Reading headlines is a sobering business in Japan.

You start thinking that the United States is even more violent, crazy, petty and fucked up than it is.


You are truly right. Blacks do commit a insane amount of crimes and it doesn't get reported because it is typical. But the fact that these black mobs are killing other races is ridiculous. I feel like it was because of the Trayvon case in which I feel like he was the one who committed the crime. I am glad I am African. Being called black erks me.


Yup. Everyone knows the rule: Take a gun to a hook fight.


Why I always have 2 extra clips with me. They might still get me but I am going to get off at least 30+ rounds into the mob. And like others have states more than likely when the first couple shots ring out they are going to scatter like roaches. No one wants to chance taking a bullet.


I usually go anywhere from West Newton to Ohiopyle, but have heard great things about the outflow and the lake. We may end up down that way some time in the fall though. There are so many miles of water it's hard to get to all of them.

I'm in the south hills of the Burgh. More specifically right at the end of the streetcar line (library/south park).