App with Audio BPM Alerts?

Does anybody know of an app that pairs with the polar h9 heart rate monitor, that would allow me to set BPM alerts? For example if I wanted it to beep at 165BPM and then again at 135BPM.

Anybody know an app that alerts you audibly when heart rate exceeds a set limit or goes below a set minimum? Having a hard time finding one

I’m not sure if the app does this without a watch but using most garmin watches you can set it to vibrate on high/low HR

I did exactly this with “FITIV Pulse: Heart Rate Monitor + Workout Tracker” to start running using the Maffetone Method. It works great, easily customisable heart rate zones and alerts which I used headphones to hear.

I have since purchased a Garmin watch for running and use a HRM Strap for better accuracy still. The app was good but find the watch much better for running as I can preempt going over with a quick glance at the watch.

Have fun

Thank you