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Is anybody tech savvy with creating simple apps and stuff? It would be such a good idea if T-Nation had an app for Apple, Android, Blackberry etc etc. so that we can download articles and read them on rainy days when we have no internet (or on our travels to work in the morning on the train).

Are there random apps whereby you can do this anyway - download internet pages (I’m thinking for my ipad here)? Any info would be much appreciated; I want to read T-Nation on the go.

[quote]mduckworth wrote:
I want to read T-Nation on the go.[/quote]

There is a tool you can use that is lightweight and portable with a very large clear display. It is very cheap and fits into any sized pocket quite well. It’s called paper.

Edit. Sorry I was just bustin yer balls, I too would use a T-Nation app.

Android has a ‘read later’ option built in which is pretty cool.