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I’d like to apologize for the Pencilneck post. What happened was I saw my old girlfriend hanging out with some scrawny jerk the other day…I got really angry and I had to vent. I realize now that I’ve calmed down that I sounded like a real un-T-mannish asshole.


Hey, we all do it. Not many people have enough balls to admit they might have been wrong. Rock on! -jonnyjon

I sympathize, T-bro. Sometimes the Testosterone rushes out in flood which we cannot divert. You are part of our family, and as such shall be forgiven and loved. YOu do, however, have fodder for a kickass “Anger Assault” on your next gym appearence. To err is human, to admit it is hardcore. Lata.

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I can understand how that could get to you…been there, done that, and hated it.

LOL…ahhh, women. What the hell can you do?

Yeah you did sound like and asshole, but admitting it makes you a bigger man where it counts the most. Sorry about your ex, doesn’t matter how many people tell you you’ll find somebody new, it still sucks to see her with somebody new.

i still think naturalman is an asshole… haha you bastard. Its all right footsoldier, its probably just the extra testosterone thats making you pissed off… hehe me too… just have to control it

It’s ok Spence, I still think your a fairy.

I just want to point out the pure dumbfounding (and I do mean DUMB) beauty of the SPENCER/NATURALMAN rivalry. Lata.

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MB Eric there is no rivalry. Just some good natured hatred being spewed back and for. Hate…It’s a beatiful thing. Seriously though, Spencer’s proclivity for men doesn’t bother me. If that’s his lifestyle choice fine.

natural man you son of a bitch! haha… hey how old are you? are you in highschool?

No my feather boa wearing friend, I’m have been out of high school for years now.

haha… natural man… you are a true ass hole… nuttin wrong with that… i am too…

I prefer bastard or sunovabitch myself…Or, at least that’s what most people call me :slight_smile:

You tell that SON OF A BITCH that no yankee BASTARD is ever coming to Houston…not as long as you BASTARDS are running things!

all right natural man… you win… you son of a bitch… hehehe

I dont think the post was “untmanly” - anger and a potential for mistakes (not that I say it was a mistake) I would say are qualities of us mere mortal tmen. What is not Tmanly is the escalation of jumping on posts or posters, rudeness, trolling, and strangest of all on a board called “Testosterone”, PC policing but obviously the perpetrators will not have the sack to apologise as you have. Im sorry to hear about your girl dawg, I can imagine that you would be annoyed - but dont be hard on yourself - the untmanly posters really have no place here and pretty quickly doubt dry up and blow away and hopefully wont have discouraged one post during the time that waste space and otherwise ADD NOTHING POSITIVE here. In the meantime, the best we can do is ignore them so as not to divert the board in an argument with people that wont know when to shut up or concede. But never encourage them, it prolongs things.

Well said Dre:)

I know how you feel bud. I lost the girl i thought i was going to marry to a guy who is a pencil necked bastard sommmamabitch. He looks like shit, beats her,cheats on her, uses and sells drugs, got fired from the bank for stealing money, threatens to beat the shit out of me whenever he sees me(yea right), and makes up shit about me to get her pissed at me(cause she still misses me). Hes an all around asshole. I would beat the fuck out of him but he has many friends who dont give a fuck and would pop a cap in my ass without flinching. So i just let him have that ho. Shes a bitch ass ho anyway.