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i recently wrote a post that many readers, understandabley, misunderstood. i wrote about how i am finding it difficult going from a very strict diet, designed to get lean, to a a diet designed for gains.

many people thought i was being a braggard and pompous when it came to describing my frame. i did not intend to and i am not disillusioned about it. i am a skinny guy with some muscle, but by no means do i consider myself anything but a skinny guy.

as for mentioning “getting respect in the gym” i do. but i did not mean to imply that it came from a monsterous frame i do not have. but i knowledgeable about diet and fitness.

to those who came down hard on me, i am sorry to offend. i respect this forum and have learned alot from it. this is not a place for people to sit around a fish for compliments. and if that is how i was being understood, give me all the shit in the world.

for those who defended me, thanks. but im tough.
i was just looking for advoce and some stories about people who felt the way i do about a change in diet.

again, i appologize. i not a puppy with its tail beteen its legs. but i am a guy who have respect for this site and realizes that i failed to express my intentions…

less talk…more eating…

good luck to you!

[quote]gaeveric wrote:

i failed to express my intentions…[/quote]

The road to Hell is paved with the best of intentions.

Sorry, just had to reply to your thread.

wanker. :wink:

|/ 3Toes

[quote]DPH wrote:
less talk…more eating…


[quote]DPH wrote:
less talk…more eating…

good luck to you![/quote]

thats the plan!

[quote]DPH wrote:
less talk…more eating…

good luck to you![/quote]

Exactly…sort of

You needn’t bother with such prose
simply take alot of the advice given. Have you PM’d those guys Massif suggested?
Have you begun to develop a plan that will take you towards your goal?

If everyone has to apologize for those offended around here, not much else will get accomplished. Good intentions are just that. Action–that’s what is needed now.

Always nice to see someone (else) show humility. The real way to gain respect here, however, is to show you know how to make progress.

We’ll be watching. Good luck.

Hell man, certainly don’t need to apologize.
Not to these guys and not for that.

Think they’re going to apologize to you?

Again, just take the great advice and get a plan together! You’ll do great.

Hey gaeveric! As one of the guys who failed to understand your intentions, I’m sorry that there was miscommunication. My big problem was that you seemed to be asking advice, but it was never 100% clear what you were asking.

… to love means to never have to say you are sorry…

[quote]orion wrote:
… to love means to never have to say you are sorry…


Wtf!?! You damn Austrian Teletubby!!!