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Apollo Olympic Plates?

I live in Australia and Olympic Lifting isnt very big over here. Ive been looking to purchase some rubber olympic plates locally. My question is are Apollo Olympic Weight Plates reasonable, or are they terrible and sure to break. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Drew,

G’day Drew,

I’ve been looking for bumper plates myself for when I put a home gym together and unfortunately have found that they are very expensive over here.

You could try the Australian Barbell Company, their stuff is usually very good quality and I do remember that the price of their bumper plates was quite reasonable compared to overseas brands, probably because there is no international shipping costs.

Another one I came across recently was a fitness supplier on E-bay called Cyber Market. You will find them under the strength training section. They have bumper plates for $4.50/kg which is about as cheap as you will get them over here.

Now, I don’t know what quality they are but there is a warranty so if you do lots of lifting I’m sure you will find out very quickly if they will fall apart or not. I will most likely go with this seller as my budget is very limited so cost is the overriding factor, plus I don’t lift that much with the O-lifts yet and thus won’t be dishing out too much punishment to the plates as I can still mostly control the weight on the way down.

They also can source a high carbon steel Oly bar with roller bearings for $265 which you will need fo O-lifts to save your wrists. Once again this is the cheapest I have found.

As they are in the same suburb I live in I am hoping to get along to their show room in the next few weeks to have a look at the equipment myself. I could let you know what I find if you are interested.

If you find any cheap O-lifting equipment yourself please let me know!



Have a variety of bumper plates
i have ordered incline bench and squat cage through this guy and the service is excellent.

Firstly, thanks heaps for the replies.

(I had to type this twice because I hit a button on my mouse which takes me back to the previous page just as i finnished typing, take my word for it, I used proper english in the original post but my temper got the better of me)

basically i was aware of ABC and the cybermart products but i live in perth :@, so shipping is an issue.

I went to buy plates locally and the supplier jerked me round (told me they stocked things they didnt). I wasnt happy, but no other store here even stocks oly plates. So ile probably have to order apollo plates through them for $4per kilo. The few plates they had in store seemed reasonable but only time will tell if they can take the beating.

If i remember/ dont throw my mouse at the wall, ile let u know how they go.

Thanks again Drew,

$4/kg is about as cheap as I have seen and I have done A LOT of looking! I have seen Apollo plates in the Elite Fitness Equipment stores over here and they were at least $6/kg so I think you are on to a good deal there. Which supplier are you using?



Um Nordic fitness, its just a gym store in Perth, my old man rekons its been going for a REALLY long time, but I dunno, I don’t think is as big as most of the other suppliers. There website is

I hope I have been of some help,

Here, based in NZ but ship to Oz

Also a tonne of great other products.