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Apocalypse Programs Requirement?

Hi Coach, with around which weight avalaible compared to our 1RM is it possible to do the full gym or DB programs? I

Hello @aldebaran , I have the DB program and I guarantee you that with 2 DB of 20kg (up to 30kg if I use only one) it is more than enough !

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Heck, even 20-30kg is pretty heavy for the DB program.


Oh so you can only use one? I have one barbell, and one dumbbell, which I can get to 70kgs. Thanks to both of you!

By slightly customizing the program I think that would not be a problem.

But I prefer to let CT approve this!

Yeah that would be a change of mind. 6 weeks on the “Best Damn” now, for the exercises like curls where weight is not a problem, I do myo-reps or drop sets, for the exercises like front squats which I can’t enough weight I do slow eccentrics, M-tor or multi pauses. But I’m starting to burn out

@Christian_Thibaudeau are one BB and one DB up to 70 kgs enough?

I’m on the last week of the home gym one. 70kg is definitely not enough for it as written. It’s actually a brutal as hell strength training program