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Apocalypse Home Gym 2.0 - Major Typo

Hey Coach,

On your Home Gym 2.0 version, during phase one. On every Wednesday it has Zerchers, Incline, Zerchers. I’m assuming this is just a typo. Would you please clarify?Thanks, we’re “enjoying” 1.0 a lot. Getting very strong, adding some size and getting a bit leaner.

Oh right, sorry about that. We outsource the editing, could be it, or a mistake on my part. it’s a deadlift

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Sorry for revisiting this. I did notice something else I don’t quite understand. It says here that the Zercher (“Deadlift”) is supposed to have a pause at peak contraction. And that it will increase over time. On a DL wouldn’t that just be the lockout? So are we supposed to hold the lockout for the time? Just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the program so I thought I’d check. Thanks Coach, my buddy and I are really liking the program. We both hit PRs today, him on the DL, myself on the squat.