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API Caution


API has switched owners. A supplier bought them out. Lots of people have been having problems now. Just thought id caution u guys.

Ive pm-ed some people on this forum and others that i know use API from the popular source.(thats all im gonna say) Emails not returned until 4 days later, and some shipments arrive partially fulfilled. Also, some have told me their int. shipment has been backed up for 6 weeks.


This supplier also apologized in advance for any delays due to recent changes. Guys need to relax and give it a little time....


hold on here!!!! API has always been top notch! and will continue to be. The international shipments are back up but always come through, just make sure you order in advance. And he does state that he just got over a sickness.....not everyone can stay healthy everyday. Just something to think about. Plus, its one thing to not return emails and another to just take your money all together without giving you anything.

I'm just saying API is, and always will be, a stand up lab until they prove to me there not.


Im with BigISBad I had a short hang up that was taken care of in a very appropriate amount of time and am currently enjoying my spoils, that was like two weeks ago. He appologized no harm no foul have patience


IM NOT SAYING STOP BUYING.... im just saying that a lot of shit has been backed up, so use some caution when planning ur transactions out for the next maybe 2 months.


From what I understand, this famous source actually purchased API. Don't quote me on that, but it seems to be floating around the rumor mill.

If this really is the case then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I've also noticed that said individual is out of stock on a number of products, which would indicate delays. He is top notch though, never heard anything bad about him and he's been around awhile.


Yes, he purchased API.IM just saying shits delayed so plan accordingly. I still will vouch for him.


If thats the case then I would have even more confidence in API stuff. I've never read a negative comment about the new owner.


I love API product's, but will say its been taken some time to recieve orders...
I had a little problem, but seems to be working itself out..

Stand up Guy though thats for sure...



I don't know who bought out API. I guess it doesn't matter if there are good people vouching for the new ownership, but I'd appreciate if someone could PM me some info about the new guy.


That covers it and also there's no need even post that on this board.


I ordered API right before it changed ownership and could not be happier. the source I ordered from is the new owner so I have no worries about the future of API.

I have every intention of staying a very satisfied customer for a long time.