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APF Texas Cup - My First Meet


Anyone competing in the APF Texas Cup in November? This will be my first meet, just seeing if anyones done it before.


Is the APF tested or untested? Just curious.


Well its tested, but I think they only test 10% of the lifters. Its out in Plano don't know how far you live from there. I'm traveling from Roanoke to get to it. If you go to apftexas.com they have all the info on it.


Eh, I'm all for drug use, I would just rather compete against other users, IMO.

Not much to brag about if your using and beating a bunch of people who aren't.


I'm just going to see if I can set any new PRs and have fun. I don't use, so I'm not worried about it. The competition against myself is all I care about.


Well I don't use so I'm not worried about it. Just wanting to have fun and compete against myself, maybe set some new PR's


I wasn't implying that you did, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

Good luck man, If I'm in town that day, I may go check it out.


APF is not tested. AAPF is tested. Some APF meet promoters will run an AAPF class in an APF meet. However, the leadership is reluctant to recognize your AAPF results if no one got tested, particularly if a record is involved. Because of this and the cost and hassle of handling human piss after a chaotic day of running a meet, many APF meets do not offer a tested class. There is no out-of-meet testing. I would guess that most APF lifters are clean. That is just based on subjective measures and many conversations with fellow lifters over the years. However, I would guess that most (but not all) APF lifters that are putting up super-elite totals are not.


They also allow various types of equipment -- canvas, velcro, and multi ply. Nothing wrong with any of it -- as long as it is a level playing field.


Two of my training partners are lifting there and I hope to be, rehabbing a pretty nasty knee injury from my last meet right now.


Awesome. Hope your knee heals before the meet. Good luck.