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APF in Chicago?

I will be up north in the Evanston area - no car and only public transport. Anyone know of any garage gyms, commercial gyms, or any other gym where I can train with a good group of APF lifters. APF really isn’t important, its just monolift, reversehyper, westside type of training, etc. Thanks for the help.

The YMCA Mcgaw on oak is a nice gym. Very inexpensive, and some decent lifters. No one westside in particular, although guys will put up some big weights here and there

Is that reasonably close to Northwestern if you don’t have a car. Sorry, but I live in Texas and am not familiar with your big city ways:-) !!!

Ok checked it out and it looks pretty close. Do you train there? Any idea on the stuff there- monolift, bars, etc…

Its right next to Northwestern

they have a squat rack, benches and your usual machines

Go check it out. Its not very busy most of the time except for 5-7pm after work.

You could also try northwesterns gym

Thanks. If I end up moving there I will def check it out. I heard there is a pretty cool gym in Lyons too. A YMCA that has a monolift.

The Velocity Sports in Willowbrook has a powerlifting team who i watched compete in an APF meet over springbreak. Their facility has a monolift. If memory serves me correctly, the chairman of the IL APF is Eric Stone, and he trains/works @ that same facility.