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APF April 13th, Long Island, NY



Anyone going!?


Looks like it's being held at my gym.

I didn't see any flyers there announcing it yet, but I might swing by to check it out.


Thought this was worth a bump. I just read that Scot Mendelson will be trying to break his raw bench record here.

Isn't looking like I'll be able to make it for a schedule issue, but maybe.


I may consider it, but that'd be a pretty nuts meet to do as my first one haha. But it's also within 15-20 mins of me.


I think I may have to take the trip


Why not? Its going to be my second meet. Just do it!!! My sister in law is competing as well..and its her first meet..and shes only been training for a few months


I probably should. Only one in my area for quite some time.


Don't post much anymore, but I will be doing this meet...First powerlifting meet for me :D.


The prodigal son returns...


I would like to see a training log of you again, especially since you do some PLing now. I regularly read your's before I started posting here. Was good stuff. Or do you keep a log somewhere else?




Found your log but you could have given me a bit more info, man. Searching for Ebomb gave me a lot of posts about some exotic Russian product...


Lol...Sorry bro.


Awesome. What numbers are you targeting?


Shooting for a 340-350 bench, 540-550 squat, and 650 deadlift...Those would be ideal.


I wonder who's writing ebomb's awesomely sickening training?

I bet that guy is wicked good looking


I heard he is a cross-dresser, though.


Only when one of his lady friends offers to peg him

bow chikka wa wa


I'll be doing this meet. It'll be my first meet.

Looks like I'll weigh 210ish so I'll probably have to lift in the 220 raw class, not gonna cut weight for my first meet. Looking to squat 375, bench 255, deadlift 445.

I'm incredibly excited but also nervous as fuck. Never even squatted out of a monolift, this is gonna be a hell of a day for me.


Thought I'd resurrect this thread and see if anyone else is doing this meet.

Here are some of my vids from training: