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APEX Products Anyone?

Anyone here experimented with APEX products that are sold at 24 hour fitness clubs? I’ve been told that they are one of the very few supplement companies that are manufactured by a pharmaceutical company so the potency and quality is regulated by the FDA (what’s on the label is what’s in the product–in the exact amount). Also, I noticed that they don’t sell bullshit products like NOXPLODE and NO2. Just wondering.

never tried them, never will…first impression though was that it’s way overpriced for what they sell…

…i also go to a 24hrs too and that’s all they try to push on you…as an example, their stuff is so good that it can’t fit in one bottle…that’s why they have a fatburner 1, fatburner 2, fatburner 3…a friend is getting ready for a figure show, and had a personal trainer from there that had her on maybe 5 or 6 different apex products at the same time

(fat burner 1-3, volumizer[what they call their NO crap], protein and maybe something else), and even though nothing was working he would not allow her to use any other brand…after some convincing i finally got her to try HOT-ROX behind his back and she loved it…

it’s not that other companies are not “regulated” that they don’t like…it’s the fact that they can’t make a comission off of them…

This thread looks like it’s dead… but nevertheless, I had the same questions and I’ve been reading some of the labels since I too work out at a 24hr fatness gym and my GF works at one.

One of the main things that I don’t like about there products is that ALL of there bars/“cookies” are chalk full of soy. Plus they like to name there products cleverly just for marketing, example, they have something they call “Recovery”. Basically it’s BCAA and they recommend something like one tab a day. And from what I’ve read on here you need a lot more than that for them to be beneficial.
In addition, they claim that you should use all there products because they optimize the levels of nutrients and vitmins/minerals so that they (the products) work together and you don’t get too much of anything. And this is supperior how? Personnally, I’d rather have my supplement company/brand let ME decide how many nutrients I take in.

It all sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. Plus most of the trainers at their facilities are just flat out funny, skinny fat, unbalanced, never worked out in their life, etc. etc. you name it, I’ve seem them training someone.

The parent company that owns 24 hr fitness bought Apex several years ago…their multi is oneof thebest on the market…their tableted creatine is also good as it doesn’t need to be mixed with anything,just pop a pill…The reason they name stuff the way they do is beacuse most people don’t know what BCAA means…recovery is easier to explain…

i worked at 24 hour fitness for about to months: this is what i think, i believe there not regulated by the fda, i believe there in good accordance.

also the volumizer was pretty good in my opinion, i saw a pretty damm good gain in the first week. i heard other people say the same thing, in the gym its more than on the 24hour web site. i take there vitamins still, but thats all, i didnt here many things about the protein drinks, except the taste. but yes 24 hour fitness does own them. aside from volumizer dont waste the money.