Apetite Supressants

I’m looking for an effective apetite supressant to use during my next cutting cycle. I know EC works well,but I would like to find something non stimulating that doesn’t f*ck with the blood flow to my willy.I know how to diet,and I do plenty of cardio when I cut,but it would be nice to find something to make the diet more bearable.Any suggestions will be appreciated.THANKS.


Try 5-HTP.

5-HTP is definitely the route to go. It’ll keep your seratonin levels high during your ketogenic diet. Its great at knocking your carb cravings and keeping you from turning into an asshole to your friends/family/significant other. Another one you could use is Hydroxycitric acid (found in the Garcinia Cambogia herb. Sometimes you can find just the hydroxycitric acid, but if not, just use the herb. I’m not sure how much of either you would look to use though…sorry. Hope that helps you out some.

I second the 5-HTP. Another one that is new but may help is Relora. I haven’t taken this, nor do I know anyone who has, but it is “supposed” to help control stess/anxiety-induced eating. You might look into it. I also find that taking a good fiber supplement before a couple meals definitely helps, such as guar gum or psyllium. Many are recommending that Fiber-Psyll by HDT.

if you think you can hang alternate 5 day blocks of using the EC and nicorette. its important that you are strict on this because even though the gum isnt as addictive as grits, it stil is nicotine.

and the EC thing is really wierd. iwould goto play basketball feelin like i had a 1 or 2incher

Thanks for the replies guys.I havn’t decided yet, but I’m leaning towards xenadrine EFX.Nicotine is out.I quit smoking 4 years ago.I don’t want any part of that.

I have problems with 5-HTP. Even at a low does like 50mg, it neutralizes all my cravings, not just carbs so I end up not being able to eat or drink because I already feel full and get sick if I do.

To Clintpatty:That sounds interesting.My only worry is the drowsy effect.I wouldn’t want it to detract from my training or cardio.What was your experience?Its cheap and I think I may give it a try.Anyone else have experienced opinions on 5-HTP? Your replies are really helpful.THANKS!

Just to remind that high levels of serotonine can be very toxic and dangerous. Some of the wors effects of pharmaceutical antidepressants aredue to serotonin poisoning. You can find more info at medline and lef.